If you have always been a huge fan of Taco Bell, you are in for a surprise. The company is offering its customers an opportunity to have free Chalupa Craving Box, just by using its application.

Isn’t that AWESOME?

Your Tuesday gets better:

Tuesday is often quite a tiring and boring day. It is the start of the week, and you are always looking forward to the ways through which you can make it appear cheerful.

Taco Bell knows your problem very well.

It has decided to make your Tuesdays better by offering your free lunch or dinner.

The Process To Get Free Food:

The process to get yourself free food from Taco Bell is pretty straightforward.

All you need for that is your mobile phone and an internet connection. Download the Taco Bell application in your phone, and add in all the required information.

To be capable of getting the free Chalupa Craving Box, you need to put in the right information. All the details that you put in have to be hundred percent authentic.

Once you are down with that, an account on your name will be registered in the application. Using this account, you need to order the food. When it will be prepared, use the drive-thru facility and get your meal from the employees.

Save Your Money:

Buying the Chalupa Craving Box requires you to pay an amount of five dollars per box. Each box offers a beefy 5-Layer burrito, chalupa supreme, cinnamon twists, crunchy taco along with a medium drink.

All of this for just downloading the application and making an account? Awesome, isn’t it?

Why The Free Food By Taco Bell?

For the past few months, the company has been offering its customers free food every Tuesday. Each Tuesday, you can opt for a different kind of deal, which will come to you without spending any money. However, this week’s offer by the company comes under its loyalty program.

Taco Bell has been offering free food on Tuesdays for the past few months. This deal comes right after the company announced its new loyalty program.

From July, people can have free Raco Bell food, every Tuesday, all across the country.

Know What The Chalupa Deal Actually Is:

If you are not a frequent visitor at Taco Bell and do not really have an idea what Chalupa is, you need to know that it is basically a deep-fried chalupa shell. From the inside, it has a filling of Carna Asada, which is steak. Alongside this, it also has shredded lettuce and a lot of sour cream. Diced tomatoes are coupled with a blend of three kinds of cheese including Mozzarella, cheddar and pepper jack.