SZA might be a superstar but that doesn’t mean that she is immune to the problems common people face. In an interview with Refinery29, the All the Stars singer revealed that she has bad skin days too. Before she became a singer, she was a skincare consultant at Sephora, so the tips that she talked about are surely reliable.

This American songstress says she has not got the genes that allow one to keep trying different products on the face and not have an adverse reaction popping up. She mentioned that she believes in keeping her skin routine consistent and simple. Most girls would rather never talk about their struggle with acne, but this 27-year-old got pretty candid.

She revealed, “I have cystic acne, so I use a Manuka honey mask to combat it and hemp oil to smooth out the surface of my skin. I also use a Vitamin C serum and black soap, and that’s it. If I go to the dermatologist and get a peel, she prescribes me sh*t after, but I don’t use it. My skin goes crazy, and I break out.”

While talking about her haircare regime, SZA also gave that one advice that some elders keep repeating. “I don’t f*** with the Internet, because the Internet will steer you somewhere crazy.” She then continued on to explain how castor oil worked for her. Her beauty advice is what we all should learn to keep close to heart.

“Don’t get discouraged with your skin when it doesn’t do what you want it to do … Give it some time,” said the artist. Too many girls get irritated with the irritation that their skin faces and end up messing it all the more. While to an onlooker celeb life might seem all glitzy and glamorous, SZA saying that touring has not been friendly to her skin is a sneak peek at how these Hollywood stars are similar to average people in more ways than one.