Pizza is an all-time favorite food that was shockingly put under the category of ‘vegetables’ in 2011. However, the round sliced meal is not even remotely as nutritious as veggies. Can it be healthy though? Yes, it can be.

Nutrition In Pizzas

Even if some of the ingredients on the top of a pizza may have a strong nutritional profile, all nourishing properties are lost because of how it is prepared. Most people buy frozen pizzas owing to their convenience. However, those are not healthy. Same goes for pizzas made at fast food restaurants.

These pizzas contain a high content of carbohydrates, fats, and sodium. The carbohydrates come with the use of refined flour. Sodium comes from the various sauces used and the salt added in the dough. As for the fats, they are found in huge quantities in the entire pizza. Pizzas are also high in calories which means they don’t take time in making you put on weight.

Carbs and salt are both harmful for your health as one can raise blood sugar while the other can elevate blood pressure levels. Moreover, pizzas are also high in preservatives, particular the frozen variety.

How Can Pizza Be Healthy?

In comparison to frozen and outlet bought pizzas, those freshly baked in pizzerias are better. They contain some nutrition. Some pizzerias also mention the ingredients that their pizzas contain which makes it easy for you to decide whether or not you should consume them.

You can make your own pizza at home as well which is how your pizza can be healthy. This way, you have more control on the ingredients. In this regard, some tips to keep in mind include:

  • Make use of whole wheat and olive oil for the dough
  • Limit ready-made sauces with high content of salt and sugar
  • Use simple ingredients
  • Limit the use of processed meats
  • Use more vegetables