Whether its fear of Monday morning or dread over having to wait till Friday for the weekend to begin, Smonday vibes can ruin a good Sunday-fun-day. A Monster poll found that 76% of Americans felt awful anxiety on Sundays. Another study of over a thousand participants revealed that 81% felt anxiety when their Sundays walked toward a close.

Sunday scaries, as some label it, can make a good holiday seem just as stressful as another weekday. This leaves you with only one full holiday – Saturday. Despite the anticipatory anxiety being real in every sense of the word, a lot of people do not know of it or don’t acknowledge it. However, a lot of us sit in the same boat. So, what can we do to beat the Sunday blues and just enjoy the weekend until Monday morning rolls in? Here’s some advice:

1 – Say no to stressful activities

Sure, you’ve got that one last tweak to make to your project. Can you move it to Monday morning instead of Sunday afternoon? If yes, delay it till the work week actually starts. In fact, a better idea is to completely wrap all your work before the weekend so that your Sat and Sun are not filled with stressful thoughts of how-will-I-manage-this tomorrow or what-if-I-wake-up-late.

2 – Make time for fun, relaxing stuff

To get your mind off stress, simply do more fun stuff. For instance, plan a phone call with your friends. Order food from outside and chill with your family. If you’d rather get up and enjoy an outdoor activity, choose a good entertainment spot to busy yourself for the entire day. Don’t put yourself in stressful situations guised as fun though. For instance, going out with people whose company you don’t enjoy particularly much. Your Sundays should be yours.

3 – Stop judging yourself

Next up, stop being so judgmental. A lot of us pile up the worries of all the things we have not accomplished and think about them when Sunday blues kick in. This is bad because it only exerts more pressure on your already anxious self. So, give yourself the time to relax and don’t permit your inner critic to put up a presentation on your flaws.

4 – Don’t forget to exercise

Sundays shouldn’t always mean that you take an off from everything. For instance, exercise. You should not skip on exercise just because its Sunday. Working out will help you get rid of anxiety. It will also help boost your mood by increasing the production of endorphins. Moreover, exercise can also get you better sleep at night. So, go ahead and take a walk around the block.

5 – Say no to alcohol

What many people do when they start worrying about work next day is that they say yes to alcohol. Booze becomes like medicine that they overload on to forget their worries. However, alcohol does your health and wellness no good. In fact, it will make you feel worse at the end of the day. Excess drinking will make you feel depressed and steal your good sleep too. If you drink too much the hangover can seep into the Monday up next and ruin it too.

6 – Detox from technology

Sure, the weekend is the only time you have to dedicate to aimlessly scrolling through your social media. But it’s definitely way better if you ditch technology of all kinds on Sunday. Don’t recheck your mobile notifications all Sunday long. Any work-related emails coming in will only eat at your peace and get you into work mode before Monday. And you know what happens when you don’t take a proper off at least over the weekend? Burn out.

7 – Sleep well

If you’re an early bird on weekdays, try to not to get more shut-eye time than recommended even on the weekend. Sure, you don’t have to wake up at 8 am as you normally do. However, also do not oversleep and wake up at 2 pm. Many people tend to sleep too late at night on weekends which is a bad idea. Make sure you don’t mess up with your sleep routine over the weekend. The stress of it can cause anxiety on Sunday.

8 – Don’t go in with high expectations

Several of us have filled up to-do lists for weekends as well. From spending time with family to chasing some passion to walking your dog and running errands, do all that you need to on Saturday. Only leave a small piece of things to do on Sunday. Expecting too much from yourself even on a holiday can trigger stress.

9 – Prepare for the week

Of the little work that you do dedicating to Sunday, you can include the list of chores that are not exactly related to work. For instance, buy vegetables, get the fuel tank filled, etc. on Sunday in order to be ready for the week. This way, some time will be freed up from workdays and you will also feel that you’ve not wasted your day.

10 – Try to make Monday fun

To actually get rid of anxiety on Sundays, you need to spend each day of the week happily. However, often that is not possible. What you can do though is take Mondays lightly. This can be tough as your boss may assign you too many tasks since the week takes a start. However, you can plan a dinner, a good car drive or something easy and fun for Monday night. This way, you will focus more on reaching Monday night rather than Monday morning.

Above all, don’t focus on getting any office-related work done on a Sunday. Stop your negative thoughts midday and change them into positive ones. If nothing helps, write down a gratitude and a relaxation list and follow it. You are human so overburdening yourself with stress and anxiety on weekends can take a toll on the rest of the week. Set the tune right by ending your work week with great, stress-free weekends.