An extensive amount of research reveals that sugar isn’t our best friend. However, breaking up with such a black sheep of a friend is a tough call. Sugar cravings make it challenging to give up on it.

At least once a day, we crave sugar badly and if we give into it, we start craving more. This turns it into an unstoppable cycle. Essentially, we have been told that craving means that your body needs the said nutrition. However, this does not stand true in the case of sugar.

If we satisfy the cravings without the support of other important macronutrients than, chances are that we would soon be regretting the first bite we took. As carbohydrate without fat or protein may satisfy your short-term hunger but will leave you craving for more carbs soon.

This will just lead to excessive sugar intake which is a serious threat to the health. Here is how sugar negative impacts your health:

What does excessive sugar do?

Are you still reaching for that candy jar on your desk? Stop, because a lot of sugar does not only damage your teeth as we have learned from our childhood but also affects our brain, mood, teeth and even bones.

The intake of easy carbohydrates a.k.a sugar makes the brain release a hormone called dopamine that is commonly recognized as a feel-happy hormone. Unlike other whole foods, direct sugar culminates in an increased release of this hormone which makes your brain think that you are happy.

This explains why we suddenly crave something sugary in the middle of the day of the day when we are tired and need a bit of a mood-booster. However, this only leads you to take something sweet after every short while especially after your meals. Your brain now needs to feel happy and the sugar intake becomes an addiction.

Unfortunately, the role that sugar plays in improving your mood is only short-lived. In the long haul, excess sugar intake can affect your mood negatively. Research also warns that too much sugar consumptions can shoot the risks of mood disorders such as depression.

Mood and brain are not the only ones affected by sugar. It damages our skin too by encouraging premature aging. Moreover, sugar causes inflammation in the body that is linked with several health concerns including joint pain. Inflammation causes joint ache. For people who already experience joint pain, sugar aggravates the problem. Another very important health concern associated with excess sugar intake is the increased risk of type-2 diabetes.

These are few of the many things that excess sugar intake does to your body. In this regard, an important question is “how do we limit our sugar consumption?”

Ways to take to reduce sugar intake

Here is a look at some well-researched ways to break through the trap of sugar addiction:

  1. Increase the intake of minerals

It is found that the deficiency of minerals, specifically, magnesium can lead to sugar craving. Foods like seafood, green leafy veggies, dark chocolates, and nuts show a high content of magnesium.

Furthermore, minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and chromium are related to the conversion of carbs into energy. If their content is less in your body, you can end up craving for more sugar.

  1. Turn towards spices

Cinnamon by nature is a sweetener and helps you regulate your blood sugar level. To this end, researchers say that you should take Ceylon Cinnamon.

You can add it in your coffee, smoothie, or anything to add a sweetening hint. This will help you satisfy your craving in a natural and harmless manner. Moreover, cardamom and nutmeg can also help regulate blood sugar levels. Hence, you can add this to your diet too to fight sugar cravings.

  1. Balance your diet

As mentioned above, the diet that lacks important macronutrients like fat or protein leads to excessive sugar intake. Hence, it is important to have a diet that is properly balanced.

This balanced diet gives the satisfaction to your body and helps you to maintain your carbohydrates intake. Try to eat meat, eggs, dairy products, avocado, nut, and so for a diet that is high in all the essential nutrients.

  1. Increase your fruit consumption

Fruits are naturally full of sugar and are delicious as well. Invest in organic food so the next time you desire something sweet, you should pick up fruits as alternatives to artificial sugar.

Unlike candies and a slice of cake, this will not only satisfy your cravings but will also get you other important nutrients. These include vitamins that are beneficial for your health. So, stock your refrigerator with bananas, berries, and apples to name a few.

  1. Don’t’ skip your meals

Skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It is a common observation that people tend to avoid food in order to reduce weight but that is unfair. It can result in you eating unhealthy items.

On the other hand, eat right. Set yourself a proper diet, eat the conventional three meals of the day . Also, have small snacks in between meal. This will help in regulating your sugar levels and will stop you from turning towards carb.

  1. Sleep well

Sleeping for complete 7-8 hours is crucial for your body. It helps you relax and reduces stress. By giving your body a break from the tired schedule, you are getting it get ready for the other day.

When the sleeping pattern is not right and you do not get adequate slumber, your body desires sugar. Consequently, you start having sugar cravings and mostly give into it without realizing the real problem

  1. Reduce stress

It is common for your body to demand sugar when it is stressed. As discussed, sugar promotes the release of the happy hormone, dopamine. As a result, you start feeling good. This is, however, harmful to your body in the long haul. Thus, it is best to curb stress.

You can conquer stress by mediating or trying physical activity. Try to get proper sleep so that your body relieves the pressure. You need to connect with a physician at your earliest if you suffer from chronic stress.

  1. Reward yourself

It is critical to reward yourself. The daily humdrum of life takes its toll on your body, mentally as well physically. Apart from that, breaking through the habit of sugar addiction can be tough. In this context, you need to give yourself small treats of appreciation.

For instance, have a small slice of cake once in a week as a way to reward yourself for achieving your sugar reducing goal. The rewarding mechanism is considered a big support in psychology. When your body becomes accustomed of this, you can easily beat the sugar cravings and successfully achieve your goal of quitting carbs.

Final words

Balancing our lives is one of the key rules for living a healthy lifestyle. Excess of anything damages our body’s natural mechanism and can ruin the balance in our body. Extreme sugar levels as discussed above will only cause harm to your body.

Experts say that the effects of sugar on your body are similar to an addiction. Sugar intake will leave you wanting more of it. Hence, it is important to understand that regulating the sugar level in our body is very important. What is more interesting is the fact that sugar is not the only thing that helps in producing energy in our body. Fats can also provide energy. In fact, fat is considered one of the most important alternatives for energy after carbohydrates.

Many people have already started switching their lives towards other healthy alternatives and find it helpful. Giving attention to your body is the best thing that you can do for yourself. It is only wise to help yourself by regulating the amount of carb you take by above methods.