As much as we love suede, the material is an attention seeker. You can strut around in your traditional leather boots without a care about them being ruined but that is not the case with suede shoes. Because before even purchasing a pair, you have to deal with this thought: how to clean suede shoes?

No one wants to invest in something that will let them down whether it be a relationship with the hot senior at college or a pair of suede booties. You could say that suede is like that annoying little brother who is fed up with his mum only caring for leather. So, therefore, he develops this habit of getting sick or messing things up merely for the sake of attention.

In most cases, when you wear suede shoes anywhere, you have to be super careful. You cannot sport a pair when it is raining outdoors, you cannot risk jumping or running around in a pair without two thoughts about how well they can take the dirt. But worry not, contrary to popular belief, suede can also be cleaned.

Wondering how? Here is how to clean suede shoes and make sure you can wear them more than once or twice.

The basics

Before you wear the mask and get to work, stuff a crumpled paper into your suede shoes to give them shape. This will make it easy to clean the shoes. Otherwise, the soft material will not allow you to rub the dirt away. Also, no matter how tempted you are, do not clean the shoes with just water. Water and suede are not the best of friends.

Suede brush

Suede brushes exist, and they are not that expensive. You can cop one for a few dollars from Amazon. With one, you can easily give your suede boots the love that they crave. If you are too tight-fisted, you can also use an old toothbrush or any other brush with soft bristles. Make sure you do not rub the brush back and forth.

Rub it in the direction of the fibers. If your shoe needs intense cleaning, give it steam. Hold it above steam and then give it the brush cleaning.

Suede spray

This must be a pre-buying tip for when you are purchasing suede boots. Like a rule, written on a board that must be hung right above the suede shoes’ rack. The material is a sucker for being sealed properly by a spray that is especially for it. A thin layer of this spray will keep your shoes in good shape for months before reapplication is needed.

The spray would repel dirt and stains. Use the spray and rub the shoes with the brush before and after application.

Suede eraser

Water and oil, these tough stains often do not leave their spots with just a casual brush rub. You need to pour in more efforts to get rid of these problems. The tool that can be handy: a suede eraser. (Yeah, the boss material has its own eraser too.) The eraser can swipe away grease. And if you don’t have one, just use a good ol’ pencil eraser.

Home remedies

As silly as it may sound, suede sicknesses can be treated with home remedies as well. To wipe off liquids, pat the area gently with a clean towel or cloth. Then sprinkle a layer of talcum powder, let it sit overnight, and then brush it off with the suede brush. You can also use corn meal instead of talcum powder.

Or blot the stain away using white vinegar and a towel. Repeat the process until you get the results you aimed for.

Professional cleaning

Run out of all other options and the shoes are still a bad sight to look at? Perhaps you should take them to the doctor. Professional cleaning services can breathe life back into your boots. After all, you don’t want your dusty suede shoes to taste the dust all that soon, now do you?

So that’s how you take care of your suede shoes. See, it’s not all fun and games, like the fashionistas waltzing down the street make it look like.