May 24, 2022

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Subscription: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – Competition Commission welcomes changes made

The Competition and Market Authority’s inquiry into subscriptions to online gaming services such as the PlayStation Plus, Xbox GamePass and Nintendo Switch Online will focus on updates automatically until users take action to conclude their agreement. Following the discussions, the British organization received a pledge from Sony Interactive Entertainment to take steps to protect customers who continue to pay without using their subscription for a long time. Effectively, PlayStation will contact these customers and remind them how to complete their payments, and these users will stop paying further if they do not continue to use their subscriptions.

The same goes for Nintendo, which has agreed to change its business practices, as automatic renewal is not the default option when registering for an Nintendo Switch online subscription. “As a result of our research, many changes have been made in this area to protect customers and address concerns about auto-renewal subscriptions. So today‚Äôs announcement concludes our investigation into the online video game industry.Michael Grenfell, Managing Director of Law Enforcement at ACM, comments.

Note that Microsoft was Already agreed to edit Its practices in this direction from January. While the Xbox GamePass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions also come with the option to automatically renew, Microsoft has agreed to make some changes to make it clear to users that the subscription will be renewed automatically. The manufacturer also agrees to contact current customers who continue to pay without using their subscription for a long time.