A new research which has been carried out by the Blue Cross Shield Association has analyzed the data of about 55 million millennials through their health insurance claims. These people were aged 21 to 36 when the research was conducted in 2017.

It has been found that from the optimal health index score of 100, these insurers scored a 95. While this score is good enough, it was also revealed that millennials in the age bracket of 34 to 36 were the victims of more of the top 10 ailments in comparison to generation Xers when they were of the same age.

These conditions included hypertension, diabetes, substance use, and depression. It was also found that women were 20% less healthy than men among these millennials, the health of the millennial population starts to decline way earlier at only 27 years of age, and that millennials are effected more from behavioral health complications than physical ones.

Why is this happening? Experts agree that unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles hold the blame. These trigger obesity which is associated to a number of health problems. Moreover, millennials are also getting ill faster because they don’t get their blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked.

The many costs that are associated with the healthcare industry are also to blame for this. Most people do not have the monetary resources required to get regular checkups. This study also found that only 68% of the individuals involved had a primary care practitioner.

Looking at the deteriorating health of millennials, it can be seen that the next generations would have shorter life spans and even more health complications. In this regard, it necessary to take preventative measures.

A healthy diet must be eaten, one must exercise regularly, and in case of depressive thoughts, he should either consider therapy or sharing his feelings with the people he trusts.