Is the tap water you drink safe from contaminants? Not really. Despite the promises of the Drinking Water Act, several pathogens can still be found in drinking water. This is because the act mentioned only regulates about 90 contaminants while water contains hundreds more. These toxins can harm health in various ways from casing stomach flu to cancer.

Is there anything that can be done about this problem apart from using filters? Yes, there is. A new latest research points out a simple way you can protect your health from a harmful pollutant which is commonly found in tap water.

This new study which has been presented at the 2019 Experimental Biology meeting shows how green tea can be helpful in combating the effects of a severely harmful contaminant found in tap water. According to this study, the water we drink out of the tap contains hexavalent chromium which comes into tap water from industrial waste and can cause cancer.

Green tea’s antioxidant power can combat the harmful effects of this chemical on a cellular level. For research purposes, scientists exposed human cells to hexavalent chromium’s varying concentrations. It was found that at 200ppb or higher, this chemical starting harming cells. However, when vitamin C at 10ppm was brought to the mix it could combat the negative impact of hexavalent chromium. ECGC, which is an antioxidant found in green tea, had the same effect at 15ppm.

This shows that green tea can benefit health in another way – it can stave off the risk of diseases caused by hexavalent chromium exposure. As it is, green tea can benefit health in a number of ways. It boosts metabolism, improves energy, protects bone health, and prevents mental decline.

Green tea can also lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels and therefore, reduce the risk of heart-related complications. Now that this new study has revealed yet another way green tea can help your health, it is best to give this beverage some more attention.