October means that Stranger Things season 2 is here …

…and we all are excited about it.

Sci Fic Netflix series Stranger Things won many hearts when it got aired last year. The series revolves around cute little friends who team up to find their missing friend only to discover a world of upside down and horrors and mystery associated with it. Those of you who have seen Stranger Things must be aware of ‘eleven’ who happens to be a fierce little girl with will of iron and uncountable secret super powers and well…eggos addiction too.

The most talked about character is played by Millie Bobby Brown who has done justice to the role of 11 that was assigned to her. The newcomer gained quite a huge number of fans following in relatively short period of time. Initially everyone laughed at how she is going to pull the role off but she mesmerized everyone with her incredible and professional performance. That’s not all about her…The 13 year old also, proved to be one to watch in fashion news.

Between starring in a Calvin Klein campaign, landing magazine covers and sitting front row at the shows, Millie’s being taken seriously in the fashion world.

The ever so famous Giorgio Armani declared Millie Bobby Brown as an inspiration because she works and acts and dresses up like a mature person and it is quite a challenge to believe that she is a mere 13 year old kid.

The little one follows no single genre when it comes to fashion…

…and that is a really fashionable trend to set.

Millie Bobby Brown pulls off all the dresses that she wears in a decent and elegant manner. No matter what color she chooses to wear and how uncolored and shady the shoes are she has always been in fashion limelight. Maybe there is something about the way she carries herself and how gracefully and confidently she strolls through the carpets at various events.

Take a look at her fashion sense and well you will notice that it is …upside down.

There is literally no set pattern.

Millie Bobby Brown was seen wearing a strawberry colored dress at Comic Con International earlier this year and everyone took it as a child like ‘adorable’ dress. Fashion analysts sat down to state that it suited her because she is a child and that’s the dressing that she is going to follow because it got branded as cute and well it also brought her more limelight. She is going to go with that style forever? Wrong.

Even though the dress was labelled as ‘sweet’, Mille shocked the world when she pulled of Rodarte at the MTV VMAS. Only a properly trained fashion star could have done it. She wore matching tulle top and skirt with elegant gold details.

Moreover, at Teen Choice Awards this year, Millie disregarded the black and grey she wore by wearing the brightest colors that the fashion industry has ever seen. She wore lemon yellow dress with orange sandals with huge round sunglasses.

Many jaws dropped that day…

It is amazing how a teenager decides to go from totally dull and decent to downright macho in an instant. Her fashion sense has been on a roller coaster ride.

Fashion magazines declared that Millie is obsessed with heels. Afterwards, she showed up at Stranger Things 2 Opening Event wearing thin and rough flats. Maybe, she takes pride in being unpredictable.

All eyes are on Millie; let’s see what she comes up with this time…The teenager sure is introducing stranger new fashion trends and we are loving it!