From teen girls to married aunties, every female has drooled over his lush eyelashes and ripped physique. Not only on-screen but off-screen as well, Dacre Montgomery is a hot among the ladies. The actor started catching eyeballs last year when he made an entry as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things 2.

However, it wasn’t until the recently released season of the show that we all noted that this was not just a gorgeous looking, beauty-oozing man. He had more talent than he had initially been given credit for. But did you know that this owner of a trim, masculine physique once was overweight?

Though the 24-year-old portrays a bully on the show, he actually was the victim during his high-school days. The actor weighed about 90kg that he went on to melt later on through pure determination and endless efforts.


Dacre opened up about his school days to Men’s Health in June, admitting that he had faced a “really rough time” because he was the “big kid.” We’re pretty sure the people who once bullied him now regret their antics.

In fact, it was these bullies that Dacre channeled his character Billy from. “You know, any bully or person that you’ve had in your life that has been antagonistic towards you. It was about finding those qualities and representing them,” said the Power Rangers star.

He went on to tell his tale that it wasn’t until after high school that he worked to slim down. Back in 2017, Dacre told PerthNow that an agent recommended him to lose at least 25kg if he wanted to make it as an actor.

“I was really fat in school,” he said and went on to explain that it “was purely just going to the gym and getting on the treadmill and running” that helped him get in shape. When he bagged roles in Stranger Things and Power Rangers in 2015, that was when he worked even more on his already toned-down body.

He went to the WA Institute of Martial Arts to get the muscular built that we recognize today. However, these two, the show and the move, weren’t his first acting gigs. He had already done some projects, albeit not hit ones, before as well.