After months of tiring rumors, unanswered questions, and endless speculations, Kylie Jenner has finally raised the curtains on her baby girl. The reality TV show star revealed her daughter’s name on Instagram. Her name is Stormi, Stormi Webster. Social media had thought they had it all figured out. The Twitter army was betting that Kylie would name her babe Butterfly or something related to that.

Mariposa was the most voted name. Even experts had their opinions but just like we had said, Kylie gave her little munchkin a name no one was expecting. At all. That’s something you should expect from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, though. Remember how just a month back the name “Chicago” came off as a total surprise?

Along with revealing the name in the caption, she shared a shot that shows her cutie pie’s face a bit. At first, the model just gave the name of her small package then later she edited the post to include the last name as well. It’s not Jenner.

And, no, it’s not Scott either. It’s Webster because Travis Scott’s real name is Jacques Webster. Something which most people didn’t know. On this, a twitterer said what perhaps popped in everyone’s mind, “When your whole life has been focussed on cracking the kylie babe name code when all that time the biggest news was Travis Scott is really Jacques Webster. Blown. Away.”

In the picture, Stormi can be seen gripping her mum’s finger with her tiny hand and aww! Social media, however, has already made the makeup mogul’s daughter a meme sensation. The Kylie Cosmetics’ founder is known for her lip kits.

The internet, thus, photoshopped swatches of shades on Stormi’s arm! That’s creative. Twitter had some other real fun things to say as well. One person wrote, “I had a DREAM last night that my SAINT of a friend PENELOPE was holding out a MASON jar catching REIGN coming from the NORTH WEST side of CHICAGO. Guess it was a STORMI night…”

People are already expecting that Stormi, like her momma, is going to be a star. One that shines bright on makeup products. “My future daughters gonna be bugging me for some Stormi Webster lipkits and highlighters jeeeeeeeeez,” read one tweet. Well, at least, we have the name and Kylie didn’t keep us in the dark for too long.