What’s a holiday season without some glitter and shimmer? Minus the glow and glitter, holiday looks are multiple shades of dull. Nobody wants such a disaster. But worry not because Stila Cosmetics is here to save your holidays and bless you with a shimmery look to make this season all the more fun.

The cosmetics brand is launching a limited edition of liquid eyeshadows that will leave your heart screaming at the top of its lungs if that’s even possible. The vault has some really drop-dead gorgeous shades that will accentuate your beauty infinitely. The eyeshadows come individually so you can grab any and every glitter sprinkle that you have ever wanted.


So prepare your notepads girls and select from 6 fabulous shades of the Magnificent Metals. The range is all glitter and glow. The shades you have are Kitten Karma, Smoldering Satin, Smoky Storm, Rose Gold Retro, Wanderlust (new) and Precious Platinum which is new exclusive to the vault.

The other range has 6 more shades of shimmer and glow. The hues include Starlight, Kitten, Cloud, Grace, Jezebel, and Twig. The colors fall into the limited edition category. On top of it, the quantities are also very limited. It seems like you will have to place the order within seconds.

As for the dates that you will have to mark in bold on your calendars, you have the 26th and 27th of November. On the former date, the shades are available for Early Access Rouge Online at Sephora. And on 27th of November, the glitter bombs are up for grabs for one and all at Sephora.

This launch has been highly awaited by all the makeup lovers since the first snippet. So ladies without further wait, keep your cash ready and prepare your fingers to place the order at the first sight of the Stila glittering eyeshadows.