Highlighters add a loving final touch to your overall look. So, you can never go wrong when selecting this makeup article. In fact, a pinch of glitter and glow can do wonders for your makeup. But then dabbing glitter atop the highlighter can be time-consuming. And the glitter might also just dust off the face. But Stila Cosmetics has it all sorted out with the Stila Cosmetics Glitter and Glow Highlighter.

The Stila Cosmetics glitter and glow highlighter is to come up in the spring of this fresh year. And by the sound of it, it can be simply guessed that the spring will bring a fresh breath of air. This formula is the same as the glitter and glow shadow by Stila cosmetics except that it is friendly for your face.

Each shade is decided to sell for $30. There are 5 amazing shades that are going to be offered and you can select whichever shade you like best or one that suits you the most. The Stila Cosmetics Glitter and Glow Highlighter shades are:

  • Painted Hey Lady
  • Admiral
  • Monarch
  • Queen
  • and Kitten

The first shade is rose gold with golden flecks, which makes a fairy tale highlighter. Admiral is a mint green color though with a purple and blue shift to it. Likewise, Monarch is an iridescent pink with silver, green and pink shimmer to it. Queen is a lilac hue with purple and pink glitter. Lastly, Kitten is champagne colored with silver and gold glitter to it. The shades show that there is a variety to select from.

Also, the formula is rich in pearlescent pigments and fine-milled glitter. Serum is used as the base. Knowing all these deets, it is truly a tough job to wait for the spring to come already and bring with it this amazing highlighter launch that will be available at Sephora.