No matter how much you take care of your skin and hair, buy high-end beauty products. If your brows are not taken care of, then pulling an on-point look is quite hard. Anything is possible with good brows. If you have amazing eye-brows, you probably don’t need any make up and you would still manage to look beautiful. So one thing is for sure; eye-brows on fleek and you can rule over the world!

However, we also know that the struggle behind getting those perfect eye-brows is real. From extra-growth, to over-plucking, and messing them up by one extra hair even, it takes a lot of patience and skills. Eyebrows enhance your look to a great extent, so here are some of the dos and don’ts for making your eyebrow game strong.


The biggest mistake we do is to touch our eyebrows every now and then. We grab the tweezers and start messing the shape of our actual eye-brows, not letting them grow to their full potential. The thicker and healthier they are, the better you end up looking. If you fall short on the required thickness, you can always follow some quick remedies. Such as massaging your eyebrows for two minutes every night with castor or almond oil can boost the growth.


If you can’t get your eyebrows right at home, it’s time to visit a professional and let her do the work. We assure you she can work wonders. She knows which eyebrow shape will enhance your face shape. An arched eyebrow, hard angled or soft eyebrows, you probably can’t see the difference but an expert does and your face surely will. Eyebrows can make your face look fat or thin even. Yup, that’s why maintaining good brows is so important.


You should never opt for waxing your eyebrows. The wax can damage your eyes on any contact. Moreover, your skin around your eye is very sensitive, wax can initiate a burning sensation. Using soothing lotion even after threading is necessary. Threading also helps to slow down the growth of hair, so you don’t have to rush to the salon every two weeks.


We understand going to an expert all the time can get really expensive. You can invest in a good pair of tweezers and shape your eyebrows according to the outline your beauty expert have made. You can cut and pluck the unwanted hair hat that springs up between your eyes or around it. Using an ice pack before or after will help to reduce the redness and swelling. Don’t over pluck. Thin eyebrows are a big no!


Like your hair on the head needs brushing, your eyebrow hair does too. To get it tamed, buy a good eyebrow brush. The Tarte Shape Shifter Double Ended Bamboo Brow Brush is the best brush. Start at the root of your hair and pull in the direction of your hair growth. The next step is the most important step: filling them in. Use a brow pencil in shade of your own hair and fill in. Don’t forget to blend!


You can use a highlight under your brow line to give a smooth and finished touch. It will give you a younger look and make your eyes bigger!

There you go, you are the owner of nicely-shaped and gorgeous eye-brows. You can grab your phone and post an amazing selfie on Snapchat. Taking care of eyebrows needs a lot of hard-work but at the end of the day, the result is worth it!