June 28, 2022

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Steam Summer Sale is available now, and runs through early July

Steam Summer Sale is available now, and runs through early July

Another year, massive summer sale on Steam. Dubbed “Steam 3000”, This year’s sale is now valid and ends July 7 at 1 PM ET.

Sale prices range from high to low, giving players the opportunity to choose classics such as Titanfall 2 For nothing, or more recent titles like the PC version of God of War With a nice piece shaved off the top.

But the magic lies in the middle. Cyberpunk 2077 movie It’s 50% off, and it comes in at just $29.99. Monster Hunter Rise‘s PC versionreleased earlier this year and It has an expansion coming in a few days49% off.

There are plenty of great deals to get at the Steam sale, and scrolling through their many offers during the afternoon is a good way to accidentally spend your budget. But what you really want to look for are the 1 or 2 year old games that get 30-60% off first time. This is how you can add Hitman 3And the vampire 8And the Sekiro: Shadows die twice to your Steam library for under $90.

Steam’s summer sale is always a big deal for a variety of players. For those on a tight budget, the Steam Summer Sale is a pool point for year-long purchases. And for the more extravagant gamers, it’s time to take low stakes in some unknown game.

But this year’s Steam Sale has a bit of an unspoken angle to it. It’s the first summer sale since Introduced by Steam Deck earlier this year. As a device, Steam Deck gives access to PC and mobile games — two things that most gamers don’t usually associate with desktop games. For gamers who have a new Steam Deck or are looking to get one soon, this sale represents the first opportunity to stock up on games that would otherwise pass them by or end up in the end. Nintendo Switch.

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