January 17, 2022

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Steam Sales Fall 2021: We have selected 10 essential games under 10

Here we have one again New sales period on the Wolverine online site until November 30th : Over the years, public interest in a small event has waned somewhat. Advertised several weeks of the year somehow “diluted” the impact of steam sales, sometimes not always super attractive discount sets. But looking at the pages and the different percentages used, it becomes clear that this fall sales are well stocked with high quality games, sometimes at absurd prices. We went to sort everything, First choice of 10 safe values ​​below the 10 mark. Lot, some chestnut trees like Hollow Night or Prison Architect, but there are also some topics that have passed under your radar in recent months or recent years.

Promised thing, payable: after choosing the best offers priced between € 5 and € 10, here are the second 10 games, this time under € 5. To our surprise, it was even harder to choose from all the offers related to black silver.

Pillars of Eternity2

The sequel to the wonderfully successful game of combining the dynamics of previous CRPGs with the new universe and taking it back to a more “modern” format.. With Pillers of Eternity 2: Deadfire, the RPG series takes on another dimension, providing a world to explore that is far larger and richer than the naval battles and its predecessors. Often overlooked compared to its seniors, if you want to build a regular PC standard roll-flaming game, this would be a serious alternative..

  • Pillars 2 Steam 9.99 (-75%)

The “old school” standard-bearing license for Western RPGs has returned. This time you can play a real buccaneer with your own galley, then explore the mysterious islands, train pirates, hunt for treasures and the wandering god.

Endless Space2

If you like 4Xs like Civilization and want to go into space, Stellaris scares you, Infinite Space 2 is for you. Very accessible to the title of the genre, it is a good entry point for both of these genres of games, but it is also a good entry point for the best games offered by Amplitude Studios (Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Legend, Humankind). Paradoxically, it is better to play without DLC, especially in the beginning, which makes for a good deal with Steam sales. Colonize the universe with different people, each with unique game dynamics and storylines and decide how you are going to succeed: military, economic, scientific or diplomatic domination? To help you in your ambitions, you will also get the luxury of configuring your spacecraft to meet the needs and challenges of the moment, or satisfy your desire to acquire an overhead Armada..

  • Endless Space 2 (-75%) at 9.99 on Steam

The best games

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It’s been a long time since we’ve got the right Space 4X, find out what the value of Endless Space 2 is.

A plague story is innocence

With the announcement of Requiem a few months ago, you may want to do a little catch-up session by browsing the first adventure of the world’s least fortunate siblings.. Immersed in the midst of the Black Death epidemic, the game focuses on the stages of infiltration and the clarification of basic mysteries. Clearly a plague story is very difficult, or original, but Its speed is prolonged and we will not get bored. In addition, Portolois de Asobo’s game is still a little sour on the visual level, with some areas and panoramas nailing in the head..

A Black Tale Innocence (-75%) at 9.99 on Steam

In this sad but oh so fascinating story, it’s time to dive into the world of Amicia and Hugo de Rune. A Plague Tale: See our judgment on Innocence.

Valkyrie Chronicles4

After many detours and accidents along the way, the Valkyria Chronicles license gave us an ultimately good quality chapter. Japanese anime and is meant to appeal to those who love tactics. One of its specialties is that you don’t really have to play previous games to follow the story and take charge of its dynamics, however the veterans in these areas cannot be forgotten. VC4 offers a very original gameplay, very different from other tactical games, there are action points for your entire army, and you can distribute them as you wish. If you operate your tank or your best unit 3 times and allow others to observe the scenery, you are free! Control of the unit is done in the 3rd person, Which keeps you active, while trying to make the most of the point you have invested. It was quickly picked up, it does not require a great tactical genius, and the story full of loving characters can be followed like anime.

  • Steam at Valkyrie Chronicles 4 € 9.99 (-80%)

Do you like turn-based tactics and animation? No, this is not a fire symbol, but the Valkyrie Chronicles. After a long wait, I was able to test the French version.

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Oxygen is not added

Klee Entertainment, since Dont Storve, has always been a studio with projects that have been very well received by critics and the general public. Especially for this management game, The studio offers us to manage the colony of survivors in the profile scene : While aimed at ensuring the well-being of your troops, the aim is to expand your underground territory. The outline is classic, but ghostly eye-catching and visually appealing. Be careful, the game is a bit difficult to understand in its first hours, But it’s only fun when it starts.

  • Oxygen not included à 9,19 € Sir steam (-60%)

Glee seduces us once again with their latest game, an excellent space colonist simulator.

Inside the breech

One more trick in this exam, but what a trick! This Pixel-Art Pacific Rim is more like a puzzle game than a classic turn-based tactical game.. To save mankind from extinction, you need to destroy the terrible handcuffs with the help of armed robots. The problem is that we have to wage a war without trampling on the cities and facilities of human civilization. So every turn should be a moment of anticipation in which you have to face any event to trigger a combo that can cause as much devastation as the enemy is safe..

  • 7.49 € Sir steam (-50%)

The release of FTL also created a tidal wave in the indie world, with Into the Breach seeming to have a similar impact on the peak of its concrete gameplay.


Larger cooperative foundation than forest. If your plane crashes on an island after an accident, you must not only escape the attacks of Mother Nature, but also the attacks of strange creatures. Live in the basement of that area. Thus, TF is divided into two phases: On the surface, you’re simply building your site by collecting and designing objects like in any survival game. But going underground, the game changes attitude It also provides you with several key elements that will make your study easier. Great game that can swallow up to 4 players.

  • Forest at வியில் 6.71 on steam (-60%)

Hollow Night

Because we can not do it again: Hollow Night is good. When Metroidvania fans mourn the return of Silksang’s only trailer, we recommend that you visit the Holonest Kingdom and its dangerous lands. The first contact may be a bit difficult: this is a topic you should go to because it will not reward you. But with study and diligence, you have a good chance of falling into its destructive spell. Do not be afraid to look for a guide to open the way to the “real” end, which is definitely worth playing.

  • Hollow Night (-50%) for € 7.49 on Steam

Prison Architect

Become a prison manager in high tension. It is again a “cult” indie, often referred to as an example in his field. The number of parameters to take into account and the content of the game in general These are more average than you might expect from the genre: early access matured over many years, which also allows you to provide a full story mode that introduces you to all aspects of your prison empire in preparation.

  • Prison Architect at நீ 6.24 on Steam (-75%)

The best games

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After more than a year of testing and use of Kickstarter, the most famous prison architect has officially released it into the system.

Chroma team

Do you like Chendai, T-RPGs and management? You may like the Chroma team. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Behold Game alternates between the well-established rhythm, the turn-based warfare, the management of your Sentai series recording studio, and the plot. The most distracting red thread. This is a good entry point for “Japanese-style” tactics, thanks to the very simple game mechanics, but varied enough to get you going all the way..

  • Chroma Squad à 6.24 € Sur Steam (-50%)

While CD Project Red Cyberpunk 2077 is considered to be the best game of the coming years, it has been receiving positive reviews on Steam in recent days.