December 8, 2021

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Steam blocks cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Steam, the popular video game purchaser and download processor, has officially banned all games containing cryptocurrencies and NFTs, preventing more than 50,000 titles from being added to the platform.

According to Steam Developer Policy, no ” An application developed with blockchain technology that allows the exchange of crypto-currencies or NTFs Can no longer be distributed by steam. This means that many blockchain games will be removed from the platform immediately until further advances.

Creators Age of Rust, A blockchain video game where players can collect NFTs, spoke on this issue. ” We have chosen to be at the forefront of blockchain games and NFTs. As a result, we eventually lost the war against steam“, They said on Twitter.” While we are disappointed in the removal of Age of Rust, it is true that it also affects the entire blockchain gaming genre. This is a big blow to everyone. “

Valve, the company behind Steam, has not yet released an official statement explaining the reasons for the shutdown. Some users have speculated that this may be because Steam does not like the presence of items in games. Perfect value In their store.

Another possible reason is that if a steam game has cryptocurrencies or NDFs, the game’s functionality will change. ” A shop in a shopAs a business that does not benefit from any steam from the game through the game, Steam cannot control or control the unchanging code that exists in the blockchain.

In addition, blockchain gaming is a disruptive technology because some topics allow players to make a profit instead of distributors, i.e. steam. For this reason, blockchain games are seen as a product that, at the present stage, contradicts the interests of Steam. If its code allows, Steam can profit from a blockchain game.

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In the future, steam blockchain or NFTs can create their own replicas. Epic Games, a direct competitor to Steam, though it promises Do not touch NFTs“, The possibility of steam growing on its own has not been completely ruled out.