Spring brings the lust for new makeup, as the season shifts to bid farewell to the winter colds. In addition to updating your wardrobe with the prevailing trends, it’s almost a must to add new colors to your makeup collection, regardless of how vast it is. And when it comes to new makeup, there is absolutely no way to miss the spring collection by Colourpop.

Applauded for its reasonable prices, ColourPop is always a makeup lover’s stop for all the spicy, trending colors. So, as we step into spring, the cosmetics brand is geared to grace us with a new collection for the season. The new Sprungon ColourPop Pretty Fly spring collection is literally a marvel to ogle at (for now) and dream to have on your dressing table.

The new Pretty Fly collection will be launching on March 15. Hence, for now, our poor hearts can only dream and pray for a quick lapse of time to the 15th of this month. The entire collection is packed with:

  • New Theory 6 Lippie Stix Set
  • 8 Lux Lipstick
  • PrettyFly 6 Super Shock Shadow Set
  • 8 individual Super Shock Shadows
  • 3 Face Duos

Other recent launches besides this much-awaited collection include Super Star Loose Shadows launch. It’s only been a couple of days since the shadows were made available on the official Colourpop website here. The popping colors boast a range of 12 glowing hues that are all priced for only $5 each. It’s a perfect color crush marriage with great pigment at a price that the wallet doesn’t rebel against.

Spring Collection by ColourPop


The colors are pretty wicked with the full collection of 12 shades available in $50, a ten dollar cut from the original price that totals to $60. These range from purple to nudes, silver dust glow, and mesmerizing mauve. The range is also graced with the essential punch of peach and pink.

The starry colors are named Up Shot, Quicksand, WKND, Badlands, Golightly, Typhoon, Honeypot, Vertigo, Cameo, Lifted, Mulholland, and Babyroo. All the Super Star loose eyeshadows exhibit a glittery, shimmery glow to brighten your look so that your eyes hold the limelight.

Additionally, the Coloupop lux lipsticks have also been restocked. The brand’s Lippie Pencils are an enticing current purchase with the buy one get one free discount mantra. The offer is a limited time one that you can avail while stocks lost. And the magic code that can gift you a free Lippie Pencil is LineIt.

So, if you are having an unbearable itch to shop makeup before the launch of the spring collection by Colourpop, then you have these beauties ready on the digital shelves and only a few clicks away. As for the upcoming Sprungon ColourPop Pretty Fly spring collection, there are only 3 days to go before the final drop.

Here’s hoping the spring has a blast of colors with this upcoming new collection and several more lined to add life to this season. After all, our makeup obsession knows no bounds.