Spinach: The Golden Food For Your Skin and Hair

Remember Popeye who loved eating Spinach and bulk up his body to fight off his enemies? It seems like he was right in his approach. Spinach is one of the best food items that you can opt for. The green juice or smoothie, made out of fresh green vegetables, surely gives the consumers a great way to revamp their bodies altogether.

Spinach is not only great when it comes to consuming it, but applying it on your skin and hair also aids greatly to the users. As it is quite effective for the digestive system, you can mix and match it with other items and make a juice out of it.

DIY Face and hair masks are also something that works great for people who need to freshen them up. These masks are extremely beneficial and do not require you to pay a lot of money for it.

DIY face mask for the glow

To add glow to your skin, you can always make a DIY mask that is extremely easy to create. All you need to make this mask are:

a) One cup well-cut spinach

b) One tablespoon honey

c) One tablespoon almond oil

Mix all the three above mentioned items together in such a way that a paste is made out of them.  This can be done in a blender, which will create a great, flowy paste for you. Take a face brush and apply it on the skin, slowly.

Let the mask stay there for half an hour.

DIY mask for hair growth

If hair loss is what is keeping you awake in the night, there is another DIY mask that you need to go for. This mask is also extremely easy to make, and won’t require you to spend much money on it.

a) One cup spinach leaves

b) Two tablespoon olive oil

c) One tablespoon honey

Use a blender to mix all the above-mentioned items together. Once a paste is made out of them, apply them directly on the scalp. Make sure that you massage it well on the scalp so that the follicles are awakened.

Rinse your hair off with water and condition it well. You will see a great difference in your hair growth if you stay consistent with the process.

Consume Spinach in varied manners

The best way to utilize the nutrition from the Spanish is by consuming it in the form a salad or a smoothie. One way to make a tasty smoothie of Spanish includes:

a) One mango

b) One banana

c) One cup of spinach

Mix all the above-mentioned items in a mixer. You can also put one cup of water into it to make it juicy. Add ice if you want. Consume it, and it will taste extremely delicious.