There’s really no use of dreaming of dating Noah Centineo. In a new interview with E! News the star gave the audience a few more details about himself. But sadly, his answers don’t align with the hopes of fans. When asked if he’d ever date a fan, he replied saying that such a thing would most probably not happen.

“I don’t close any doors totally, but probably not, because then it’s like more of an infatuation with like, a position more than like, the person,” said Noah. “It can overshadow that, which is difficult, I would think.”

Well… looks like you’ll have to pretend you’re not a fan if you ever ever get a chance. Also, just know that most probably does not equal to a no way. Girls around the world have been crushing hard on the 22-year-old since they saw him in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The Internet is obsessed with him. Even though he was seen in shows before it wasn’t until TATBILB’s release that fame kissed his feet.

Centineo also mentioned that he does not check his DMs. This means that all the messages sent by fans have not even been skim read. However, Noah did give people another piece of how it all began with Lana Condor and him to make up for all the disappointment.

Noah told E! News, “When we first met in the audition room before any of us had booked it, we were sitting waiting in like the lobby and I saw her and I was like, ‘Hey do you want to run lines?’ And she was like, ‘No.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool, fine, I’ll just die here.’”

“I didn’t even remember asking her that. She had actually told that story months later in the press,” he continued. Ouch. If you have missed out on Noah Centineo news for the last few days and think that he’s so in love with his fans that he was giving away dozens of iPhones, know that that was not him. Noah took to Twitter to inform fans that his Instagram account had been hacked by scammers.

Plus, if you’re worried that Noah doesn’t care about you one bit, don’t be. He did say that he’s always up for taking pictures with fans. Photographs – one request from fans that he has been getting a lot lately.