January 17, 2022

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Sony will make a subscription to face the Xbox Game Pass! | Xbox One

It’s no secret to any gamer used at Redmond: the entire Xbox strategy is largely centered on the subscription game service. The Xbox Game Boss Has been at the forefront of this strategy for many years. In contrast, competition seems to be lagging far behind in the industry, but Nintendo’s attempt to expand its latest offer may have prompted Sony to revisit its own. Anyway, this is what our colleagues in Bloomberg say.

PlayStation Game Pass?

In 2017, Microsoft was hit hard by the announcement of the Xbox Game Pass, a video game streaming service comparable to “Video Game Netflix”. An additional offer from Xbox Live Gold, which provides access to the regularly updated Game Library, and offers the privilege of running most of the Microsoft consoles from the day they are released, at no extra cost. This subscription has very clearly made it possible for Xbox One to restart, its beginning was very sluggish and the industry of tomorrow is starting to shape up aggressively.

Last October, Nintendo introduced the extra pack in its Nintendo Switch online offer and the retro catalog is still low, but allows you to find some cult titles (!) From the Nintendo 64 or Sega Mega Drive (!). Since it was renamed the PlayStation Now, Sony first launched it in 2012 with the purchase of Gaïkaï. Despite the substantial content and lower price than the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the offer suffers from a lack of up-to-date news and network difficulties in maintaining a permanent connection to access it. PlayStation gamers don’t really get around to it. Until now?

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Change now

Site journalists Bloomberg They claim to have the document that triggered the Spartacus project, which is the code name for Sony’s response to GamePass. In fact, this new offer will be launched on PS5 and PS4, its sales consoles will be more comfortable, and will integrate the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Nav, which include ‘Gold Offer’ like the Cam Pass Ultimate.

Anonymously, Sony employees have assured our colleagues of the fact that the PlayStation Now brand will gradually disappear in favor of the topped PlayStation Plus in three levels:

  • First, it will maintain the current PlayStation Plus benefits, such as making gaming available online or offering multiple titles on a monthly basis.
  • Get a comprehensive list of second PS4 games and potential games of the current generation.
  • Third, retro protection for games ranging from PS1 to PS3 to PSP is provided while providing access to test versions of newer games.

If offered like this, this new offer would be a direct competitor to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, with no question of granting access to exclusive “one day” titles according to this initial document. However, it shows that Sony is closely interested in this strategy, which the Japanese company has long ignored, and that despite good console sales, it is not enough to be competitive. There will be a bright future for the PlayStation 5, but game-service delivery will definitely be the future. The confrontation between the three giants can only improve concessions, and it makes the next few months much more exciting. To be continued …

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