June 28, 2022

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Sony is said to have disabled the PlayStation Plus member renewal

According to heaps of news left on ResetEra or the official PlayStation channels, many players are facing the same hurdle when extending their PS Plus or PS subscription for a few days now. The operation was simply impossible, in fact we could not finish it – we ended up with a formal error message.

According to testimonials from various users associated with Sony’s customer service Broadcast on VGC, This will be a temporary issue, and the manufacturer will ask everyone to wait for the new PS Plus offers coming on June 22nd to extend their subscription. On this date, PS Plus and PS Now will be merged into a single service, which will be divided into three level services, depending on the selected offer, the game schedule and Streaming.

If Sony has not officially confirmed anything yet, it could be a patch that aims to fix the flaw in the process of transitioning from one generation of offers to another. The company actually promised to convert PS Now subscriptions to PS Plus premium subscription – the highest quality of its new subscription – allowing players to access the service for 59 59.99 a year and 11 119.99 a year. Many internet users then rushed to PS Now gift cards and subscribed to the service for many years.

For more information on how the new PlayStation Plus works, we invite you to read the concise words dedicated to Jarro.

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