Camila Cabello is topping the headlines these days for all the right reasons. The Cuban singer weaved her way into news when the video of her duet with Shawn Mendes for the song Señorita came out. Following the spicy video, rumors and then confirmation came that she’s dating the 20-year-old Canadian crooner.


The latest of it? People are connecting her to the superhit Netflix TV show Stranger Things. It all started when Cabello posted a photo to her Instagram account of her latest shoot for Clash Magazine. Across the poster the words “Turn The World Upside Down” can be read. If you are one of the 40.7 million viewers who have watched the third season of the show, then you must be aware of what the Upside Down is.

One person commented on the picture she shared, “Is Camila Cabello a Demogorgon?” Agreeing with this fan, 417 people have liked the comment so far. Another fan responded, “this is EXACTLY what I was thinking because like it says the thing upside down lol.”

Camila Cabello, who was recently spotted Kissing Shawn Mendes, is not the first star to be associated in such a random manner to the show by followers. Even Jake Gyllenhaal, who’s pictures even Pornhub comments on, has been dragged into the Stranger Things realm.

When the actor shared an image of himself wearing a fancy dad outfit, some fans in the comments’ section immediately started talking about Hopper, the cop in Stranger Things. The good news is that the popular television show will be coming back for another season.

While the date hasn’t been announced yet we’re already excited. As for the Havana singer being a Demogorgon, we can say with certainty that she isn’t the monster from Stranger Things. She’s just to be pretty to be one, isn’t she?