The first and second seasons of 13 Reasons Why centered around two lead characters – Hannah Baker and Clay Jenson. Other characters also played important roles as the life of Hannah Baker played by Katherine Langford was explored.

Now the trailer for season 3 of the controversial show is here and it has left fans with mixed views. Many of them are wondering what the point of the show continuing is since it no more deals with Hannah’s story. That has been wrapped up pretty well as it is. What’s more, even the theme of suicide has most probably seen its end.

From what everyone is deducing and is clear from the trailer, the third season will revolve around the murder mystery of Bryce Walker. The clips released today mention how everyone at Liberty High has secrets and fans can’t help but wonder if 13 Reasons Why 3 is merely a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars.

The plot has entirely deviated from Jay Asher’s book on which the story is based. When the Netflix show released the trailer, the comments sections of social media and tweets on Twitter fired up. Disappointed with the stretching of the show, one fan commented on Facebook, “No one asked for this.”

Another wrote, “Should have stopped after season 1 really, could have still remained a classic.” Yet another commenter typed, “story already ended in season 1. No one asked for additional 2 seasons.” However, not everyone is annoyed that the show is still going on.

In fact, a lot of people are happy and actually excited since a majorly hated character has been killed off. Bryce, played by Justin Prentice, was not only a rich and powerful snobby bully in both seasons. He was also a criminal who raped not only Hannah Baker but also Jessica.

Yet another group of people thinks that the show has completely morphed into Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale. 13 Reasons Why will be coming with its third season on Netflix on August 23. We’re truly hoping that the good guys get their revenge and the season proves to be appetizing. The show has also been renewed for its fourth and final season as well.