A latest selfie posted by Sofia Richie has triggered rumors that say she has gotten her booty inflated. And guess who else has a big booty? The Kardashians.

On November 5, the model posted a picture to her Instagram account in which she is promoting the brand A’GACI. She is wearing a skin-tight one-piece and surely, her body does look… different.

But perhaps, it’s just the angle of the camera that is making her bottom look bigger? Fans think otherwise, though. Several commented on the picture accusing the star of copying the Kardashian sisters. “This is the fakest butt I’ve ever witnessed in my life,” commented an Instagrammer.

Some think she is following in Kylie’s footsteps while others are of the view that she’s trying to look like Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney is Sofia Richie’s boyfriend Scott Disick’s ex with whom he shares three kids. But you must already be knowing that. Some followers have also said that Sofia has not only gotten cosmetic surgery done for a larger booty.

In fact, they are of the view that she has also gotten her lips, nose, and bosom done too! One person commented, “Lay off the plastic surgery starting to look like Kylie, and that’s not a compliment. Nose, lips, boob job & now your bottom?”

Another person had a varying theory about her big booty. “I think that’s just the pose and some little Photoshop done,” wrote this user. Yet another fan had a different take on the matter. She expressed that Sofia had only grown up and hence, the bigger butt.

He wrote, “Everyone just assumes that all of them get surgery or enhancements. Allot of these pictures you compare them too are when these girls are in their teens. Everyone looks different from 16/17 to 20.”

What are your views on this new look of Sofia’s? Do you think she has got butt implants, photoshopped her booty or has simply just grown up?