Things are not going well between Scott Disick and Sofia Richie. The model thinks that Disick is cheating on her. Because of her suspicions she has given him an ultimatum as well. And guess who she thinks he is cheating on her with? Kourtney Kardashian!

The 35-year-old celeb has been seen with the mother of his three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, several times this year. Co-parenting together is mending their relationship from the looks of it. They have been together on family trips, snapped pictures together and one report also says that they have been getting intimate behind Sofia’s back.

An insider told Life and Style magazine, “Sofia has made it very clear that if [Scott] strays, it’s over. She’d hate to see Kourtney get one up on her. Although, saying and doing are two different things.” The question is, does Scott really care?

Sofia consistently feels like a third-wheeler and thinks that Scott might betray her. “Sofia has her suspicions about Kourt and Scott hooking up, but he swears that nothing is going on between them. Nothing seems to stop Sofia from feeling like the third wheel to Kourtney,” the insider continued.

A recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians told fans that Scott and Kourt had promised each other to try and get back together when they turn 40. And guess what? Kourtney Kardashian turns 40 next year in April!

It’s no coincidence that Kourtney’s birthday is nearing and the rumors connecting her, and Scott Disick are also spiraling. What’s more, after a long time Kourtney has also shared a picture showing her and Scott together on Instagram.

The source also added that Sofia has tried to confront Scott about the matter as well, but he just rolls his eyes and insists that there is nothing going on between him and his ex-partner. Though Sofia knows Scott might not be the right guy for her, she is unable to do anything about it because of how she is “still under his spell,” as per the insider.

This story seems to be very much heard of before. Kourtney also left Scott because of his cheating habits. Looks like this drama is never ending.