Once upon a time Kylie said that she wanted to be on the Forbes list. “It’s my dream to be on Forbes,” said the makeup mogul who is also the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Creative Officer of her brand along with being the CEO. Fast forward about two years and Jenner has been named as the youngest person on the Forbes list owing to her massive Kylie Cosmetics empire. “Wow woke up the youngest entry on the @Forbes 100 list,” tweeted Jenner just a few weeks back.

She’s the 27th person on the on the list of Forbes richest America women who are self-made. And while the addition of self-made to her title has received backlash, there’s no denying that this young lady is a pro at marketing. She knows what she is doing, she’s this generation, and she knows how to roll with it. Her business stands ahead of her elder sister, Kim Kardashian’s and she also charges way more when it comes to Instagram ad postings.

“She’s like almost 20 years older than me. I feel like my makeup is definitely younger, fun. And it’s just different,” said Kylie while talking about Kim K who owns KKW Beauty and is the sister who also happens to be Kylie’s “inspiration.”

So how does she do it? What’s her marketing game? Because if you want your business to succeed, you’ve got to take pointers from the best. Let’s explore some of Kylie Jenner’s social media marketing tactics to get an ample dose of marketing enlightenment.

When it comes to her personal life, she keeps fans in the loop

Kylie Jenner received recognition on the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Then came her own show, Life Of Kylie. Her following on social media kept growing as she was already a celebrity at a such a young age. Where did she make the difference then? She shared her entire life on social media and made the most of every single social app.

The 20-year-old has kept fans aware of everything she does from the glamourous birthday parties to the love affairs to her strolling downtown or spending time with BFF Jordyn Woods. So, she’s not just a celeb. She’s a lifestyle influencer who owns a brand that is on its way to expand even further.

She collaborates on social media with friends and family

Jenner’s products are not only made famous by her fame. She keeps investing in nurturing her empire even further by teaming up with other influencers. YouTube personalities are paid for giving Kylie Cosmetics makeup tutorials. She has also collaborated with sister Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. Her mum, Kris Jenner, was also tapped on Mother’s Day this year for teamwork.

The latest of it is that Jenner is preparing to join forces with best friend Jordyn Woods. The model revealed this news herself in an interview. Collaborations help water the growth of your business and Kylie Jenner does just that.

She teases fans before raising the curtain

The 20-year-old has mastered the art of keeping fans interested. Perhaps this is one tactic that runs in her blood as other family members of the Kar-Jenner Klan have been noted doing the same. What she does is that she only reveals a sneak-peek at first. Whether we’re talking about her products or her personal life, Jenner has learned to keep the audience on its toes!

Before revealing complete details about anything coming up, she leaves crumbs for fans to collect. The Kardashians do this even when there’s a family quarrel going on. They leave a cheeky comment on Twitter for fans to decode.

She shows fans how to do things

Kylie Jenner is an influential force. When she first got lip fillers, fans copied her, and a lot of women got their lips enlarged. So, when she paints on makeup a certain way, fans want to learn, they also want to get that Kylie look. To serve this purpose, to give fans what they want and to also educate them about her new products, Jenner gives tutorials.

She shows fans how to get her look, she educates them about the shades of her lip colors and exhibits swatches on Snapchat, often with Jordyn Woods around. This is exactly why she also receives backlash when she promotes waist tightening belts, etc. because her influence is powerful.

She disappears to make fans wonder

When the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have to reveal something big, they go MIA before that. They know the power they have on the masses and how their disappearance would impact them. So, when they have something big in store; a pregnancy, engagement, breakup, etc. to announce, they step away from social media and pop up just for enough of a second to pique curiosity.

Take Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, for example. The reality TV show star went missing on her social media platforms to the level that we all started wondering where she was. Rumors circulated but she never once admitted anything. Until, of course, it was time to come out.

She keeps the notch on thrill up

When it comes to drama, these ladies know how to employ it to their benefit. With all the disappearing and teasing, every time the sisters finally introduce something – be it Kylie’s baby girl, Stormi or Kim Kardashian’s beauty line – they manage to turn the volume up on the excitement of their fans. At the end of the day, the wait is worth it not only for fans but for them as well.

When Stormi was born, her birth was the topic of discussion. Not only because of her mum’s silence during her pregnancy but also because Kylie Jenner made her way back to social media with a video documentation of her journey. Similarly, Kim arranges these extra fancy packages for her perfumes to increase interest even though these packages aren’t for the audience to buy but for PR.

She ignores the haters

It’s no secret that despite being so popular, the Kar-Jen family has a lot of haters. In the case of Kylie, several people have slammed the young celeb for promoting a false picture of early pregnancy. People have come forward to slam her for having long nails and are of the view that she plays no role at all in the upbringing of her daughter.

In the same manner, she has also received backlash for promoting post-pregnancy weight loss products. But has she responded to the haters? Nope. Jenner is too busy doing her thing. She’s too busy creating and promoting her products.

She knows her audience

Last but not the least, Kylie Jenner knows her audience all too well. Generation Z is her target audience and she is a part of it, so no wonder fans can relate. She works on the latest trends and uses terminology that this generation can understand. She names her products accordingly. She also uses all the techniques that are sure to appeal to her target market.

She is always going with the flow of trends of this generation whether it be with her hair color, with the clothes she wears or her lips. She also shares behind-the-scenes details with her fans so that their interest is maintained at all times.