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If you have been keeping up with Kendall Jenner lately, you’d be knowing that the model has been seen out and about with her ex, Ben Simmons, quite a lot the past month. They do seem to be dating because we have evidence of them being more than just friends.

Now E! has been kind enough to dig into the matter and unveil what is actually going on between the two. A source has told the outlet that while Kendall and Ben are dating, they are not making things official because of their busy schedules. And Kendall is happy with whatever stage their relationship is currently at.

As per the insider, these two “have been making more of an effort in their relationship recently and have been seeing each other regularly for the last month now.” Yep, we can totally notice that. “They both are very busy with their careers but have always been in touch.”

Simmons is in Philadelphia because the 76ers’ player has basketball season going on in full swing. Meanwhile Jenner lives in Los Angeles which is far, far away when she is not flying around the entire globe to meet her model gigs.

It only makes sense that their relationship exists but at the same time it sort of doesn’t. Another source reported to E! that “they [Kendall and Ben] hang out and really like each other but they aren’t going to label it or take it a step further because their careers come first. They talk all the time and will continue to see each other when they can.”

We can’t help but wonder what happened with Anwar Hadid? Was he just Kendall Jenner’s fling while she and Ben Simmons were on a break? Were they even serious? Or did Kendall just break Anwar’s heart? Guess we’ll never know.