Among all the fashion fads that have went mighty this year, sneaker mania seems to be the most triumphant. With athleisure blurring the boundaries between leisure and athletic, these sporty shoes have become a fashion statement. They are no more just running shoes, no more just meant to be worn to the gym even by the ladies. Sneakers seem to be topping boots and even heels.

It’s a great time for Nike, Adidas, and Puma, not to forget Vans and Balenciaga, the latter being the one fueling new trends even in the sneaker-verse. Selena Gomez just proved that you don’t just need to wear sneakers with your jeans but also with your dresses, showing a new way to style them for spring. That said, if you are off to satisfy your appetite for fashion, do it the trendy way.

Here are sneaker trends 2018 that are totally in vogue right now.

Chunky sneakers

Dad shoes are back and no matter how ugly they seem, people are crazy about them. Chunky soles that are not flat coming in odd color combinations define this trend. Balenciaga rebirthed this trend last year and though the fashion house was criticized for it in the beginning, the trend soon gained momentum and spread like a wildfire! It sold out crazy fast and soon, more brands started constructing similar styles.

Pastel sneakers

Pastel makeover is the mantra that every fashion piece from clothing to handbags is chanting this year. So, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that pastels are ruling sneaker kingdom as well. Pastel sneakers have been making rounds on the runway. Celebrities have also been spotted rocking them. The pastel shoe trend was the focal point of attention at the New York Fashion Week 2018 too.

Color block sneakers

Another trend that this year is seeing a lot is color blocking. Funky shoes designed to catch appreciative glances with their appealing color ways. The color blocking trend has not taken a particular direction yet, as it is being seen in ice-cream pastels, and dark moody hues as much as it being spotted in bright popping shades. James Harden, Stalley, and many other celebrities have been seen wearing this sneaker trend.

Retro sneakers

Looks like this fad is not planning to catch the train to depart any time soon. 90’s vibes have taken to mold sneakers well. More and more people are sporting thick soled shoes that come in neon hues. A number of celebs have been seen nodding their yes to this trend while the classic style has been captured in different ways by brands like Nike and Fila.

Sock sneakers

The sock sneaker hybrid, another trend introduced by Balenciaga is going to reign this year. It banishes the need for wearing socks thanks to the fact that these sneakers have their own pair attached. It all started with the sock boot trend that models walked on the ramp wearing in the last fall/winter season. Brands like Zara, Fendi, and Vetements have the chicest of these.

Glitter sneakers

Glitter was not just a popular choice the previous year, but this year as well. From completely glitter splattered shoes to sneakers that only have a line of glitter running around the sole, the trend comes in forms both subtle and overdone. Gucci and Vans have both showed how it’s done. The glitter sneaker trend is not only a feminine but a glamorous choice as well.

Gum soled sneakers

It’s not just chunky soles that are in but gum soles too. Rihanna has favored the trend not only by creating her own Fenty x Puma ones but also by rocking the trend when out and about. The gum sole sneaker craze is being seen stirring a cocktail with other sneaker trends as well by coming in pastel shades or with embellishment details.

Silk detailed sneakers

Slip-in sneakers with silk ruffles are a big thing this year. Not just in slip-on form, but running shoes are also embracing this silky trend. Brands like Nine West and Puma have been giving sneakers silk details and fans seem to be hooked. Selena Gomez, who is undoubtedly an inspiration in the fashion and styling game for many has modeled wearing Puma’s silky sneakers.

Slip-on sneakers

Another trend that is totally in is that of slip-on sneakers. Easy, and comfortable, these don’t even demand you to dress your feet in socks. These are coming in a variety of hit silhouettes in fabrics like silk and velvet. Not just that, but things are getting fancy for slip-ons as they are being seen with graphic or jewel embellishments. They are also being seen in printed skins, checkered and zebra being the two most popular ones.