There’s no denying that despite how much we love sneakers, they can get a bit uncomfortable to sport when the sun is not being lenient. That said, looks like footwear giants understand that we’re obsessed with sneakers nonetheless and want a solution.

We cannot let our feet sweat while wearing sneakers all day long, neither can we just let kicks be for the summer months. Now thanks to brands like Reebok and Converse, our prayers have been answered. Welcome the latest summer trend; sneaker mules.

Easy to slip your feet into and out of, and stylish as well, sneaker mules are the best option of footwear for those who find everything (but sneakers) boring. With a low-cut design, these slip-in sneakers don’t have to be tied and can be worn in a hassle-free way.

Too hot? You don’t have to let your feet suffer wrapped in complete sneakers anymore. Sneaker mules are, however, not a new option. We’ve seen brands create pieces that are a cross between sandals and sneakers before as well.

However, currently the trend is on the rise once again. Not only because the heat has demanded sneakers mules to come back, but because footwear giants have also introduced new iterations in the form of this style.

Mule sneakers would look as lovely when worn with a dress as they would when paired with jeans and a tee. They do have a charm and convenience about them. It’s no secret that sneakers happen to be a favorite of the masses. This year they have garnered even more fans and buyers.

So much so that sneaker sales have went up as reported by the NDP group and leisure sneakers lead the queue in having the highest sales among all footwear options. If it’s too hot to rock traditional sneakers, try the mule version. If you don’t already own a pair, cop one for your summer wardrobe soon!