Eyeshadows, anybody? Yes, please. Come to think of it, there is never a time when we would say no. When we have eyeshadows in question, there is never a time when our head nods in disapproval. So, when new shades make it to the market, our excitement increases by leaps and bounds. We already know that the Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Edit Shadow Glitter Trio are about to land but the colors have only been revealed.

Three new shades of Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Edit Eye Shadow Glitter Trio are coming. They are truly lovely with extremely marvelous color combinations in each palette of three complementary hues. The palettes feature a portable size and come in a cute package that imitates a camera lens.

These features are already known to most of us, as the Photo Edit Eye Shadow Glitter Trios aren’t anything new. They have been previously available in other colors. Only now 3 new colors are launching. They are going to be coming soon at Sephora US. Deets about these colors are the following:

  1. Pic Me

This trio of colors bears a warm glitter tone to it. It is packed with rust and pink glitter along with a lush pink matte shade.

  1. Panoramic

This is a cool color pack of glitter trio. One of the hues is a teal glitter shade. It is accompanied with blue glitter. A beige matte shade counts as the third color.

  1. Total Scene

Total Scene is a totally amazing trio that is a metal glitter trio. It is packed with Gen Z yellow-inspired glitter. There is silver glitter too. As for the matte shade, we have a black color.

The formula of the Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Edit Eye Shadow Glitter Trio is an easy to use one with a smooth glide application. It also makes certain that glitter adheres evenly to your lid. The price for these shades is marked at $22.