Scientists have claimed that babies who get adequate amount of sleep learn to talk earlier than usual.

Researchers at Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany have found infants were able to associate words earlier than previously thought. Babies as young as six to eight months old were able to make the association. This is yet another study among several in the past that highlights the health benefits of getting enough sleep and how it helps immensely in all aspects of life.

Scientists introduced babies to “fantasy objects” which had fantasy names. Objects of the similar type were given the same name but differed in colour and shape, the report revealed.

At first, the babies were unable to connect objects with the name. However, when they took a nap after the learning activity, the babies’ performance improved drastically. They were able to identify and differentiate between the objects.

Researchers found the results were due to a midday nap. 50 minutes to be exact showed significant improvement in their reaction. Sleep researchers believe “had consolidated their knowledge”.