Skipping is no longer limited to school playgrounds. It has crossed all boundaries and has jumped to become a part of several gym courses. Even boxers use skipping as a preparatory move for their match.

The best thing about skipping is that even though it is termed as a high impact exercise, it does not appear to scare us away. This is because at one point of your life, most possibly your childhood, you have had skipped many times. That’s the real reason why the sound of it is not threatening.

The main focus of this activity is to help you lose those ugly fat reserves around your thighs. There’s always a hack that a woman keeps searching for in order to try to shape her legs to perfection. Finally, skipping is going to make that dream come time.

Not only does skipping help you to lose the pounds on your thighs and trim them to slim but it is also going to help you in burning calories. Skipping involves the movement of each of your muscle. And since the key to reducing the soaring numbers on your weighing machine is to make all the muscles work, skipping can help to trim your weight.

There is more though. Skipping helps a person to improve her cardio-respiratory health too. You get to develop stronger lungs as well. That’s definitely more than you might have bargained for.

Peter Schulman, MD, Cardiology/Pulmonary Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington confirms, “It’s certainly good for the heart. It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time…”

One fact that you will have to bear in mind though is that losing adamant fat and burning calories is not a child’s play. It takes consistent hard work and a constant burst of dedication. You cannot expect to have slimmer legs just by skipping for a few days. The results that you achieve by that time are zilch. The underlying reason is also simple, free from any scientific jargon and it is that every good thing takes time.

If you want to add a butter coating to this, you should probably tell yourself that even miracles take time to happen. After all, skipping is not a magical pill that you are going to push down your food pipe and ta-da, the pumpkin body turns to a model’s body, the one that can be frequently sighted on the fashion ramp.

To sum up, the fitness and health benefits of skipping, you have a short but substantial list of the following points:

  • Helps to stay fit and healthy
  • Burns calories so that it contributes in your weight loss regime
  • Works to boost the cardio-respiratory fitness
  • A slow but sure hack to getting rid of the fat blobs sitting on your thighs

Rate of Calories Burn

Since its always more mind fascinating and subsequently more enchanting to pick, it is good to back the claims with numbers. By means of this, you’d also be quick enough to start skipping too.

To cut to the chase, your exertion level and weight decide how many calories you can burn by skipping. However, generally, you must know that you will be able to combat down 70-110 calories in a ten minutes skipping session. Phew! Finally a step forward in the battle against the stubborn pounds that creates distances between you and pizza.

Tips for Beginners

You’ll have to take this skipping for fitness game a bit slow here though. But that’s how you roll with all the exercises as a rule of thumb. Don’t fast-forward to vigorous skipping. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. Any attempts to run at the rabbit’s pace will only backfire.

So set your time from 10 seconds onwards. Take the time to a high along a graph of a steady incline. Also, select a skipping robe as per your height. Additionally, keep in mind stretching calves and marching on the spot as your warmup for skipping.

Here’s an alert though, if you have joint ache, you better keep away from skipping, as your ankles and joints bear most of the impact when it comes to skipping.