2018 was all about derma rollers, vitamin C eye creams, and taking care of your gut for improved skin care among other trends. Some of the trends of the past have been worth it and have crossed the boundary into 2019.

This year, the skin care trends are rooted in inclusivity and greater diversity. Not to mention, sustainability in the beauty industry is topping the charts among other things taking over the trend floor. Let’s explore the skin care trends 2019:

1. Greater diversity

In the last two years, we have noted how diversity has gained prominence. There have been extensive color ranges among beauty products to cover the needs of all skin types. On top of that, brands have toned their marketing to the tune of age, gender, and ethnicity. Expect to see more of these efforts at diversity as part of skin care trends 2019.

2. Streamlined skin care

2018 was big on streamlined makeup and skin care routines. There was an extensive shift on natural looks. These trends are diving into the present year as well as the industry continues to return to basics. Therefore, complicated, multi-step skincare routines will get the priority. Experts also anticipate brands to increase their focus on cleansing, moisturizing, and toning.

3. Beauty and wellness will continue to merge

Last year, we also noted how beauty and wellness blended such as taking care of your gut for a healthier skin. This trend is expected to prevail in the present year as well. More and more people are realizing that the skin is impacted by what we eat. This line between health and beauty will continue to blur.

4. Apps for skin advice will grow in number and domination

Irrespective of the questions you may have, a beauty app may have the answer for it. Developers are working to provide help to folks with skin problems including efforts from the American Academy of Dermatology, which released an app for managing chronic urticaria. Besides apps, you can expect to see a wide array of smart beauty devices coming to stores. These are tools that can be easily connected to mobile apps, the internet, and Bluetooth.

5. Skin care products will respond to pollutants and inflammation

Dermatologists also predict that skin care products will increasingly tolerate inflammation and toxic environmental pollutants. There is extensive research that indicates that pollution swells the amount of redness, wrinkles, pigmentation, and more. It can also amp up bone loss. Topical creams that are packed with powerful antioxidants can help fend off inflammation. Thus, focus on skin care products that provide solutions for these two factors will increase.

6. Raw foods on your skin will continue gaining popularity

Using raw foods on your skin will rise in popularity. Such DIY schemes gained prominence last year and experimentations will continue on into this year. Essentially, it is a cost-effective measure. It also makes a lot of sense since food that we eat, impacts our health internally. By topically applying the food, we are only attempting to nourish the skin externally. Therefore, the trend of applying honey and avocado to your face will continue on into the present year. With homemade concoctions though, it is essential that you research the ingredients first then apply them to your skin.

7. Having beauty supplements will also become common

The trend of beauty supplements is also packed with the present year’s tends. Vitamins designed for hair, skin, and nails have become trendier than ever. Research has made such supplements readily available. Therefore, expect to see an uptick in the sale of beauty supplement in 2019.