Who doesn’t want to be liked? Everyone does. Now the thing is, in a crowd there are only a few people who have that charm about themselves; something that attracts everyone to them. What do these people do? Almost everyone likes them! They can brighten up anyone’s day and even if you don’t really want to admit it, deep inside your heart you know that you admire them too. They are like the sun and everyone just orbits around them.

You see, it’s not just a single quality that makes them loveable. Sure, a person’s personality counts big time but sometimes you’re just a few traits away from being likeable. These easily ‘likeable’ people have basically intentionally or unintentionally mastered a few qualities. If you want to be the sort of person, which of course you do, who is liked by all and sundry, then you should practice and perfect these traits too.

These can help you win over friends, office mates, or even just a family member who seems to impenetrable. Let’s not beat about the bush and make you aware of the characteristics that can make you more likeable.

Sense of humor

No one likes someone who is constantly worried, or maintains a straight face all day long. If you want to be likeable learn to unleash your inner sense of humor. Sure, not everyone is necessarily funny, but throwing a good joke where appropriate is always a good idea. Light-hearted conversations can also help.

Talk more

If you’re an introvert, then you know what it is that makes extroverts easily likeable; their flare for talking. You see, contrary to popular belief, talking more is not that bad. People who talk more but smart tend to befriend people more easily. They also get their point across and are able to get what they want done conveniently.

Listen more

Yapping all the time and not giving the other person any space to speak? Definitely a bad idea. Those who talk and listen in a balanced amount are usually those who have the most friends. They tend to make others feel comfortable. They let people talk about themselves. This can also be used as a good trick to outsmart people by making them think highly of themselves.

Be more open

Vulnerability can make you feel weak, but the really smart people tend to use it in their favor. The move is to not any true weakness out but make people feel that you too feel; hurt, emotional, or in clearer words more human. This helps build connections that last. No one likes an unfeeling robot. Be friendlier and let your vulnerabilities show sometimes.

Make eye contact

Eye contact is a powerful thing. Ever noticed the strong eye contact that lead characters make in movies? It’s like they convey messages with their eyes! This doesn’t mean that you should downright creepily stare in someone’s eyes with full force. More like warmly look at them when talking. This makes people feel like you truly consider them important.

Nod your head

Body language is the key here. When you want people to find you more agreeable or just in general want them to agree with you, nod your head slightly while conveying your point. The opposite person is more likely to mirror your body language and nod along. You can also ask more questions to make people think like you care for their answers and opinions.

Use their name

People like the sound of their name. Don’t overdo it, but when you want people to like you use their name when addressing them. When you use their name, they know that you remember them. They might also like the way you use their name which might make them like you more. However, using someone’s name a lot where not needed can also come off as weird. So, remember moderation.

Compliment people

Everyone wants to feel liked, and the best way to encourage people to like you more or to just be more comfortable around you, is to praise them. It can be about something that they did right, about their looks, or just about how they are doing a certain thing, remember to compliment. They will feel appreciated which will increase your chances of being liked.

Admit your mistakes

No one likes a know-it-all, someone who just thinks he knows everything and is amazing at everything he does. People who admit their mistakes are more likeable because they indirectly admit that they’re not perfect. Other people might even try to help you when you say you don’t know how to do something or pat your back, both of which are good signs.

Be flexible

Don’t be pushy. If someone is busy, try to adjust with their schedule rather than insisting them on adapting to yours. People like people who are easy-going rather than those who just want things to be done as and how they prefer. So next time someone says he’s to busy for coffee, try to understand his situation and ask him what time he’d be okay with.

Mimic them

Don’t be annoying and copy someone one on one. But slightly mimic their actions. Research shows that people tend to like others more when they slightly imitate them. Remember to not overdo this either. Unconsciously mimicking someone’s behavior is known as the “chameleon effect” a move that facilitates liking.

Be positive

Don’t be whiny consistently. Don’t keep complaining all the time. People tend to like positive people, who behave positively and promote positivity. Your positive and warm vibes can brighten up someone’s day. Have a motivational and happy attitude. Rather than being sulky or just plain rude. Negative feels flow so keep them to a minimum or reserved for a close few people.

Smile more

This one is a universal fact. If you want someone to remember you smile more at them. Not all the time and not that horrible joker smile. They tell you to smile in your pictures for a reason. You appear friendlier and more open. Like someone who can understand all the problems in the world and truly cares. Research backs these words too.

Help and let help

Be nice and kind. Those who are up for helping others without having an ulterior motive are more likeable. It’s obvious why. Also, don’t just help people but accept help too. When people do a favor for you, they tend to like you more. However, maintain a balance here as well. Helping people too much can allow them to use you and taking big favors can make them think you owe them back.

Be yourself

All right while you can try and employ these simple habits, don’t try to use them to your benefit for solely and deceptively twisting a situation into your favor. That’s just wrong. Be yourself and be fun. Don’t pretend, people are not stupid, they can sniff fakeness. Also, don’t forget to install these habits with a good intention and don’t overdo anything.