There is no doubt in the fact that women LOVE their shoes. With every shoe that they have, they can associate a number of stories; including the one in which they bought it after falling in love with it by seeing it on the shoe shelf. However, the truth is inevitable and it is that the shoes do not remain in the same condition for a long period of time.


No matter how much you try to keep them in their original position, they wear out with time. However, you can increase the life span of your favorite pair of shoes by making sure that
you take care of it like a dear friend.


There are certain tips that will help you a lot if you love your shoe wardrobe and want to keep it colorful with your favorite shoes for the rest of your life. Follow these tips and you will surely be able to cherish your favorite pair of shoes forever!

1) Keep them clean:

It is a known phenomenon that anything that is taken care of lives a longer life. The shoes that you love should be taken well care of and they should never be put into water. Even if you are wearing sneakers don’t step into the r while wearing them as it will cause immense damage to the material your favorite shoes are made up of.

If, in case of any urgent situation, you have to wear the best pair of shoes that you have while stepping out in rain, make sure that you dry them off before putting them back to your wardrobe.

2) Never ever use a dryer on your shoes:

It is said that you are supposed to dry your shoes before putting them back in your wardrobe, make sure that you do not use a dryer on the shoes. The hot air coming out of the dryer leads to damaging the material of shoes.

3) Use them appropriately:

If you go out on the long walks in the evening wearing your favorite pair of heels, it is destined to get damaged before time. If you love your shoes, do not lend them to anyone as it is a possibility that they might use it without care.

4) Keep them tidy

If you do not keep your shoes clean, there is a possibility of them changing their color from a darker hue to a lighter one with the passage of time. When you take off your shoes, make sure that you clean them off with a dry cloth.

5) Don’t overuse:

No matter how much you love your favorite pair of shoes, do not use it more than its capacity. Over usage of shoes mostly leads to damaging them and you end up regretting your behavior with the shoes!