When the word introvert is said, most people imagine this category to be shy and lonely. That’s both true and false. Basically, shyness doesn’t equate to introversion. Shy people can be extroverts too. Wondering what an introvert is like? Consider Mina. Mina goes to parties with her friends, on the insistence of her friends, and sometimes even has a fun time with them there. However, parties for Mina are not about socializing but hanging out with her close-knit group of pals.

She doesn’t look forward to meeting new people and that is definitely not her priority. But that doesn’t mean Mina deflects a good conversation with someone she doesn’t know because she’s quiet and rude. No, Mina can make a new friend with whom she feels she can connect with, though that doesn’t happen very often. That said, it can be difficult to spot an introvert in a crowd as opposed to what most think.

Are you an introvert? Maybe you’ve not figured that out about yourself! Here are 6 signs that say that you probably are.

You rely on your eyes and ears, and talk less

In a group, introverts tend to listen more and observe. You wouldn’t notice an introvert yapping away and attracting all the attention. Introverts are not big on socializing and networking. Those things can be overwhelming and stressful for them. Small talk is not their thing. They find it cumbersome because of how it creates barriers between people rather than connecting them.

Research shows that introverts are really good at processing visual information. They notice small details that most people tend to miss. If you’re an introvert, you don’t talk all the time, rather you listen carefully to what others are saying and use your eyes more too.

Solitude doesn’t bother you

Another quality that qualifies you as an introvert is the ability to spend time with yourself. Extroverts tend to get bored and antsy when they sit alone at one place for too wrong. A book sitting beside them wouldn’t be able to entertain them. They drive their energy from other people so hanging out with themselves is definitely not their thing. On the other hand, introverts need alone time.

They are quite the opposite of extroverts. They need to zone out every now and then, to recharge their batteries. After spending hours on end around people, they want to be by themselves too because excess social interaction can drain all their energy and overwhelm them.

Calls, crowds, and communication are not your thing

If you’re an introvert, then you probably have a habit of ignoring phone calls every now and then. When not in the mood for it, you might as well ignore your friends’ calls. Concerts and places where there are a lot of people talking and all, are the sort that you avoid. That doesn’t mean that introverts just prefer to stay at home at all times.

No, it’s just that they don’t get high from the energy of other people around them. While giving a speech is daunting for everyone, for in introvert, what’s more annoying is having to talk to other people after the speech. As an introvert, you can feel alone in social gatherings and groups.

You avoid attention

Where extroverts enjoy being in the spotlight, introverts despise uninvited attention. If a professor asks a question in class, and the introvert sitting knows the answer, chances are he wouldn’t raise his hand just to keep the attention off him. If you’re an introvert, you can most probably relate here. However, that doesn’t apply when you’re truly devoted to a cause or passionate about something.

For introverts, it all comes down to what matters to them more. If the topic being discussed is of keen interest to them, they would participate. Similarly, at office, introverts tend to quietly attend meetings. The prefer to give any opinions or ideas to their boss in personal or via email.

Introverts are thinkers

Introverts have their inner monologue continuously playing. They are having a chat in their mind at all times even if they have a quiet outward demeanor. Deep conversations attract them, as opposed to small talk. So, an introvert would engage in such talks and express thoughts that most would consider too intense.

If you are an introvert, then your brain probably doesn’t have a clue how to stay quiet. Thoughts keep spiraling inside. Most people think of you as an old soul even if you’re just in your early 20’s. That’s because of how your brain is wired and how you cannot just socialize as easily as most today.

You have an extroverted partner

It’s not necessary that all the introverts hang out together. In fact, usually an introvert has an extrovert best friend. Someone who brings out the best in them and takes them along to have some fun. As the old adage goes, opposites attract. As an introvert, you probably have that one friend who encourages you to go out more.

Usually introverts have a small group of friends with whom they are comfortable. Introverts use their energy reserves carefully. For them it’s like budgeting. So, they only have a couple of close friends, rest of the people they know are just acquaintances

Nothing is set in stone. Perhaps, you don’t have all these qualities but most of them. You still do qualify as an introvert. If you can relate to both introverts and extroverts, then you’re probably an ambivert.