That popular guy at school who is friends with even the young teachers? He’s an extrovert. That girl who prefers to gossip and was crowned prom queen? She’s an extrovert. That teacher who keeps talking about how much fun he used to have back in the day? That guy is also an extrovert. Extroverts are perhaps the easiest to spot. In a crowd, they stand out. Their personalities usually scream the word ‘extrovert.’ But no one is alike and while some people can be extremely extroverted, others can be somewhere down on the extrovert scale.

Consider Tina. Tina is an extrovert. She enjoys attention. She gets bored easily when all alone. She prefers to hang out and make new friends. She loves engaging with people and she is also up for adventures. Even more so, she likes to post the pictures of everything she does on social media. Tina has a lot of friends. She’s like the sun and the world revolves around her. She lives and breathes attention and interaction.

Wondering if you fall in this category? You probably already know the answer to that, though. If you can relate with most of these qualities, then you’re probably an extrovert.

You enjoy socializing

Talking is your thing and you are great at communication. You don’t avoid meeting new people, in fact you look forward to it. You are good at networking too. Extroverts gain energy from their surroundings. Silence bugs them and when they have to say something, they can’t wait to do so. As an extrovert, you don’t mind an audience and crowds don’t overwhelm you.

Extroverts tend to be friendly and have a huge circle. They enjoy partying and alone time makes them feel bored. They even host gatherings themselves often. Hanging out in a group of people doesn’t bother them.

Social media is their best friend

Extroverts tend to be in touch with their friends at all times. They prefer to talk out what they feel. They also enjoy sharing their life on social media apart from using the internet to stay connected with other people, to stay in touch, and even to make new friends. Where introverts almost never take the first step in communication, extroverts often do.

They like going on adventures and trying new things. It doesn’t faze them to share a few pictures on Instagram. They believe in the motto the more, the merrier so their friend lists are often long. People whom they meet once or twice, they refer to them as friends.

Being alone bores you

Extroverts can’t stay alone for long. You can’t expect them to feel comfortable with solitude. If you are an extrovert, you probably don’t enjoy doing nothing or sitting all by yourself. You would rather be in a group of friends. In fact, you are a part of many groups. You cannot expect an extrovert to sit quietly for hours on end and be okay with that.

They can spend all their energy having fun, hanging around and partying but that still wouldn’t mean that they’d stop. They want to be liked by everyone, everywhere they go. Most of them live for the attention even if they don’t admit that.

They are group people with lots of interests

Unlike introverts who prefer to be experts at that one thing they are interested in, extroverts have a lot of interests. As an extrovert you are more likely to be the jack of all traits and the master of none. Extroverts also enjoy teamwork more in comparison to going solo. To solve a problem, they prefer to discuss it in a group.

They speak first and tend to word their thoughts and ideas along the way. Which is very different in comparison to how introverts roll. Introverts speak less, listen and observe more. They prefer to find the answers to their problems by thinking over them in solitude.

Crowds and audiences don’t faze you

Since extroverts are all about greeting and meeting people, standing in front of a huge crowd to deliver a speech doesn’t scare them as much. They are also very good at conversing with other people after the speech. Similarly, at office meetings, they aren’t reserved or shy about giving their opinions. In fact, they find it all easy.

Networking as a part of projects or expanding career opportunities is also something they can do without missing a beat. Leadership appeals to them, so while they enjoy group work, they would also enjoy leading the team.

That about sums up the qualities of extroverts. Not all extroverts have exactly these same qualities in extremes. Personalities vary and often no two people have the same nature. If you’re not an extrovert, you might be an introvert. Or an ambivert which is a mix of both of these categories.