Unrequited love makes you look dumb. You’re constantly worrying about your image in front of this guy who most probably doesn’t return the feelings. You dress well, try to say the right things, you also make an effort to make your friendship bloom into something bigger – and definitely, better. You can’t seem to stop despite knowing all too well he has no interest in you.

Why do you do that to yourself? Because you’re constantly counting signs that don’t even exist, picking signals he is not even giving off. Thoughts like ‘omg, he called me by my name!’ keep buzzing in your head like disturbed bees. You are in a problem here, miss. And you need to snap out of it. That also quick, before you drench yourself too deep into the mess and end up miserable, rejecting opportunities that are actually standing right in your face.

Let’s make this clear for you once and for all. Here are some signs that clearly say he doesn’t like you. If you can check most of these off the list, it’s time to move on from him and go on with your hunt for a potential boyfriend.

He doesn’t pour in any efforts:

He doesn’t want to be around you. It’s not like he has to vehemently avoid you for you to know for sure. It’s just that he wouldn’t mind being around you, but he wouldn’t put in an extra effort to spend time with you or make you feel better either. To him, you are just another person. When men truly like a girl, they do something about it. If they don’t… you have your answer.

Someone who doesn’t like you in that way won’t try to know you. If he is not curious about you, about your interests, and about your life, the feelings are not mutual. If he is busy and doesn’t respond to your texts, doesn’t initiate conversations, he is not attracted to you the way you are to him.

He is nice to everyone:

So maybe you’ve been harboring your liking thinking that there is a possibility the one you like likes you back. Because he helped you with a project, said something funny, was kind to you. If someone is nice to everyone and is a natural flirt, then he is not being considerate or humorous with you in particular. It’s just the person he is.

Don’t take a flirt’s actions personally. There are many people who flirt so tactfully without even knowing they are flirting. Someone who is nice, on the other hand, is helpful to everyone he comes across. You’re just setting yourself up for a trap by liking such an individual more than you should.

He doesn’t mind you hanging out with other guys

As silly as jealousy and insecurity seem, these feelings are often clear signals of another feeling brewing on the inside. No one likes sharing someone they like. If you hangout with other men and your crush doesn’t seem to care one bit about your relationship with them this is a sign he has no interest in you whatsoever.

A guy who likes you will try to know your relationship status. He wouldn’t want other men to have any chances with you. He would compete with the other guy and curiously ask you about your interest level in him. If he doesn’t, know that his heart doesn’t house you.

He doesn’t remember what you say

The brain is very technical and very naughty. When you like someone, it stores that someone’s words like they are precious jewels. People subconsciously remember what someone they like said. If someone remembers good bits of what you said in an old conversation, or your expressions, what you were wearing, etc. this can be a sign they like you.

If they don’t remember, they most likely don’t like you. Their brain capacity couldn’t hold what you had did or said. However, some people have amazing memory and if they tend to remember a lot of things in general, then you’re not necessarily special for them, it’s just how their brain functions.

He doesn’t share his feelings

A guy who doesn’t like you is least likely to share his feelings with you. Not just about his personal life but about his opinions in general. He won’t get ‘deep’ with you. Many may call this an ‘intimacy issue’ but it’s just that people only let those in who they believe are special in some way. However, even if he does open up with you, don’t go assuming he likes you.

Perhaps, he likes you as a friend. By assuming too much, you can screw the relationship you share with him. However, if you are not friends and he doesn’t bother even talking about a slight trouble with you, it’s obvious he has other people whom he prefers to share matters with.

You’ll know

If a guy has any extra interest in a girl, he makes it known. People are not as sneaky and smooth in hiding their feelings as they think they are. At least, most of them. If a guy likes you his body language toward you would be different. And you would just know. Unless, of course, you are a casually clueless person on more matters than one.