While when most men like you, it is easy to notice their interest in you, it can all be very confusing when the person you like is shy at the core. Shy people are not open about their feelings and are very scared of rejection.

But, don’t fret – there are some obvious giveaways when a shy man likes you which you may have missed because his ways are subtler. To help you out though, here are nine signs a shy guy likes you. Look out for these to figure out if your gut instinct is right or not.

1- He looks at you surreptitiously

When a shy guy likes you, he tends to look at you without you ever noticing that he is stealing glances. Most other men would be more confident about looking your way and giving away that they like you.

A shy man, on the other hand, will not be comfortable with the idea of you knowing that he has an interest in you. The reason behind this is simple, while all men fear rejection, those who are shy are particularly scared of it. This is why they observe from afar, and don’t make it obvious that they are checking you out.

2 – He can’t hold eye contact

If you suspect that a shy guy likes you, notice how well he holds eye contact with you. Normally when a man likes you he tends to look into your eyes deeply and hold your attention. In the case of a shy guy, such a man would not be able to hold eye contact.

You can notice the difference between the eye contact the man is making with you and that which he is making with other women. If he tends to hold other women’s eyes normally when conversing but hesitates when he’s talking to you then that’s a clear sign that is a thing for you.

3 – He avoids talking to you

Now this is a tricky one – if a guy avoids talking to you when he’s comfortable with talking to other women and you know him to be shy, there is a huge chance that he likes you. However, this can also mean that he dislikes you which is why he doesn’t talk to you.

So, to check this you have to make sure he has a reason to hate you. Or is it that he is just avoiding conversations with you without any obvious reason? When someone treats you differently there is always a reason behind it. What shy men do is that they avoid talking to their crush which makes the lady think that they do not have any feelings for them.

4 – He treats you differently

When a shy man has a thing for you, he treats you differently than how he treats other women. For instance, as mentioned above, he may be comfortable talking to other women but when it comes to you he may not be his most confident self which would make him avoid talking to you.

Basically, shy people are very specific about not making any mistakes. For this very reason, they take very calculated steps so as to not mess things up and appear dumb in front of their crush. When a shy man likes you, he will try to be there for you and put in an effort in subtle ways, but he will not be the best at communication.

5 – He’s more communicative online than in person

Texting is a lot easier than talking to people face to face. This is why shy people like to hide behind their cell phones and talk as much as they like to the people they admire via messaging. When it comes to meeting these people and conversing with them in person, they’re not really the best.

You see texting gives them the time to perfect their words, while talking in person just makes them nervous and doesn’t give them the time that they need to ensure that they’re going to say just the right thing at the right time. So, when a shy guy likes, you’ll notice that he has a lot to say in text and makes use of emojis too but in person he’s the exact opposite.

6 – He’s nervous when he’s around you

Another clear-cut sign that a shy guy likes you is that he is really nervous and clumsy when you’re around him. This means he may hesitate in giving open hints, he may keep his distance, or he may just say the wrong things at the wrong time because he’s so nervous.

Shy men tend to be clumsy when caught off guard. You’ll be able to notice how nervous he is by the way his hands shake, he sweats, blushes or he tries to avoid you altogether because he is not confident enough to look you in the eyes or be open with you.

7 – But he will still try to be around you as much as he can

Though he may not have the guts to talk to you or even address you, a shy guy who has a crush on you will always try to be around you as much as he can. Why is that so? You see, someone who has a romantic interest in you, will want to see you as much as they can.

This means they’re not going to miss any chance to be around you even if that means that they’ll have to challenge themselves. Again, if a shy guy is feeling too nervous, he may try to completely avoid you or wait for you to invite him rather than join in conversations by himself.

8 – He wouldn’t be able to make a clear move

An interested man who is not shy will be able to give you a clear hint that he likes you so that you may reciprocate his feelings if you’re interested too. It’s not that simple or straightforward in the case of a shy guy though.

When a shy man likes you he’s unable to make a clear move because he fears that you don’t like him back, will reject him, and break his heart. The issue is that he’s not very confident and is a little bit confused himself about his own feelings.

9 – His body language will be telling

Whether a guy is shy or not shy, his body language would be a clear indication of his interest in you. Let’s start with the subtle cues that you can take on his body language. Firstly, notice his feet. Are they pointing toward you? A person who likes you will have his feet pointing in your direction because you are the one he wants to come toward subconsciously.

Secondly, notice his eyebrows – do they jump slightly up and then come down ever? The movement is small and fast, but it is a good sign to lookout for. Lastly notices his pupils. In the short minutes that he makes some eye contact with you, do you notice his pupils to be dilated? When people look at those they like, their pupils dilate.

So that was our list of signs for you. Have you noticed any of these in the guy you are suspecting likes you? If so, there is a chance that you’re right. It’s also very rare of women to be wrong about their gut instincts.

If you’re sure that the guy in question has a thing for you, you can make the first move. Make sure you make him comfortable enough first so that he doesn’t end up denying his feelings for you only because he’s nervous.