Shows To Binge-Watch With Family

With the Corona pandemic engulfing the gulf with such a rapid pace, the business have gotten affected badly. All the social events have been cancelled, and all the vacation plans are now postponed. For many weeks now, there has been no real activity that people will opt for in order to spend their time well. If you are one of those people who really have no idea how to spend their time, there are a few shows online that you need to binge-watch.

a) Mad men

Mad men is a classic drama that has always been a source of great entertainment for the viewers. This show was known as the best one offered by the golden age of Television. This show is about men, who are considered to be anti-heroic. This show has seven seasons, which keep the viewers glued to the TV. During these times of corona-virus, you can watch this show with your family.

b) Law and order

Law and order is has around twenty one seasons. Being quite a famous show in its times, this show has a lot of fans all around the globe. This show is about detectives who solve all the sexual assault cases offered to them. As this show has 21 seasons, you will be able to spend a lot of time watching this show.

c) Jane the virgin

If you are craving to watch something really romantic, the show that you need to watch is Jane the virgin. It has a flavor of satire in it, which at times turn into a family drama. Gina Rodriguez, the main actress, plays her character really well as Jane, who turns pregnant due to a medical error. This show has five seasons, and you will love to see the story revolving around motherhood and a writing career.

d) The good life

The good life comes with seven seasons. This show is basically a legal drama, which is given a dramatic flavor by Julianna Margulies, who plays the main character in it. The story is about her getting back to work, after her husband get embroiled in a scandal. Though it is a spin off of the good flight, it manages to hold the interest of the viewers through the seven seasons. Also, if you have great interest in legal and dramatic stories, this show will serve all your cravings.

e) The Simpsons

The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom, which has a lot of fans all across the world. It has thirty one seasons, with each episode offering great humor to the viewers. If you are with your family, this show will surely aid you in spending some quality time while watching this show. The story of this show is quite relevant. It is about a father, who is belongs to the working class. He lives with a dysfunctional family, and at times he has to deal with situations that are extremely funny. This show will surely give you a good laugh and aid you in spending quality time with your family.