The month of January has arrived, and so has the line-up of all the movies and shows that will be telecasted/released in this month.

I don’t know about you but I, for sure, am damn excited.

This list of movies and shows fills me up with thrill and I really can’t wait for them to release ASAP!

Some of these shows that you should look forward to being:

1. 83

On 22nd January, movie 83 will be released, which is basically a biography of Kapil Dev.

What’s more exciting is that the character of Kapil Dev is being played by Ranveer Singh, and the movie is directed by Kabir Khan.

2. The White Tiger

Are you a Priyanka Chopra fan who has been longing for her appearance on the screen since long?

With The White Tiger releasing on 22nd January on Netflix, this wait of yours finally ends.

What’s more?

This movie has Rajkumar Rao as the male lead.

3. The Nancy Drew 

The season two of this series will be released in January and it will answer all our queries.

The previous season ended with a lot of suspense, and this month we will be able to solve the puzzles.

4. Surviving Death

Releasing on 6th of January on Netflix, this documentary is quite a different one from the regular ones you see on the platform.

It basically showcases how a person dies and what happens with him post his death.

Well, I would suggest the light-hearted ones stay away from it.

5. Pieces of a Woman

The birth of a child is surely one of the most difficult experiences ever.

It gets even tougher when one has to do that without the assistance of a health expert.

Pieces of a woman is the story of a woman who had to give birth to her kid at home, all by herself.

Check the movie out when it releases on 7th of January,