Who doesn’t love indulging in candies? Everyone does. Unfortunately, you cannot keep munching one these whenever you want because they hold no nutritional value and only add to your calories.

Then there are gummy vitamins, which taste like candy, but they promise to be many times healthier. But are they really healthy or is it a better idea to stick to traditional pill supplements?

What are gummy vitamins?

Vitamins that come in the form of chewable gummies are known as gummy vitamins. These are very similar to gummy candies both taste and texture wise. Gummy vitamins come in a number of fruity flavors from orange and lemon to blueberry and more.

These gummy supplements may contain either a mix of minerals and vitamins or focus on a certain vitamin. They are made using water, corn starch, colorings, gelatin, and sugar. Several people, particularly children, prefer taking gummy vitamins over vitamin capsules because of their pleasant taste and chewy texture.

Should you take gummy vitamins?

Whether or not you should consume gummy vitamins depends entirely on your body’s need. Several people get the nutrients that they need from food and hence, do not need to add vitamin supplements to their diet.

However, those who have been advised by a doctor to add a vitamin supplement should do so. Such people may include pregnant women, vegetarians, older adults, those who have a poor, unfulfilling diet, etc. Gummy vitamins may prove to be beneficial for such individuals.

However, keep in mind that overdosing on these gummy vitamins, as it tends to happen, can be very harmful for your health. Therefore, if your body doesn’t need additional vitamins or minerals, it is best to not take any. An excess intake of nutrients can cause various negative side effects ranging from fatigue and nausea to organ failure.

Are gummy vitamins safe?

Gummy vitamins often contain added sugar and calories. Manufacturers may add artificial colorings and too much sugar to attract customers. The additives and preservatives included in the supplement may also not be mentioned on the ingredients’ list.

Because of their high sugar and calorie content, these gummy vitamins may prove to be more health-harming than health-benefiting. What’s more, the reliability of these supplements can also not be confirmed as the Food and Drug Administration is not responsible for their evaluation.

Key Takeaway

To sum up, gummy vitamins may prove to be of little benefit to health as they contain a lot of sugar, calories and additives. One must only take gummy vitamins if his body has a requirement for added nutrition. And even if his body needs a vitamin supplement, it is better to choose one that comes in pill form rather than in gummy form.