Just the blink of an eye and a trend changes to scoot over and make space for another. Fashion trends are like days in a calendar, that tick by as the sun sets to make way for the night, only to come back up again. The speed with which each fashion trend changes is remarkable. But it raises an essential question, ‘Should we follow fashion or not?’

Like the Ying and Yang symbol, which is filled with two colors demonstrating two answers, the answer to this question is also equally divided between the affirmative as well as the negative. However, the answer slightly inclines in the favor of ‘no.’ Read on to find about the nays and yays.

Should We Follow Fashion Or Not? The Yay Argument

Nobody wants to look like a multicolored zebra amidst a zeal of black and white striped zebras. Showing-off outstanding looks is one thing but becoming hilarious or standing outside the realm of what is trending is akin to a fashion disaster.

This sets the hallmark of the need to follow fashion trends so that you don’t look out of the place. Keeping up with the trends also makes you look stylish and someone who has the know-how of the fashion in the air. Not to forget, acing the fashion trends game can also fetch you some wows along with the praise.

But as glamorous as it looks, it is not a very budget-friendly option. After all, clothes and accessories are not the only items that we have to spend on. The desire to keep up with each and every trend often dismantles our strategically divided expenditure.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as several reasons make more sense to follow fashion trends to an average extend rather than falling a slave to them.

Should We Follow Fashion Or Not? The Nays In The Picture

Pursing every fashion trend is more like a wild goose chase. You can never get to the point where there the goose is actually in your hands because trends are not here to stay. So, they slither away as soon as you get ahold of one to be replaced with another.

Let’s assumes your wallet does allow you to participate in this race without a finish line. In that case, there are other glitches. For instance, not each trend can possibly suit you. An essential styling tip for hanging out in the lands of fashionista is to maintain a signature style.

However, a blind pursuit of each trend has the tendency to kill your uniqueness and crush your signature look. It’s like sailing in multiple boats at one time but unable to have one of your own. Here is an in-depth look at why you shouldn’t follow fashion trends.

  1. Trends are seasonal

As mentioned above, trends don’t last longer than a season. Hardly a few fashion tips outlive the season. So, by the time you get that glittery ensemble that you saw on the runway and wear it, glitter steps out of the trend zone.

The result? You just wasted the dress and have to carefully store it away for your next generation kin to don to their college party when glitter is finally back. This was just an example btw, as shimmer intends to stay this season among fashion trends of the year.

  1. Trends can be ridiculous

Needless to say but certain fashion trends can be ridiculous, which is why you can’t keep abreast with all that’s worn on the runway. For instance, every once in a while, the trend sails are set in the wrong direction that cannot be followed in real life.

Just recently ASOS was roasted over the butt-exposing jeans it introduced. It wouldn’t really take Sherlock to guess that you can’t put those on even if women cat-walked wearing them. The brand has also narrowly escaped the Twitter wrath, as it has recently introduced jeans with a triple waistband.

  1. Trends can erase your individuality

Being fashionable also means that you gulp the lump forming in your throat when your arch enemy at work or school wears the same dress as you. As long as you cannot hire a personal designer who sketches designs only for you, you are bound to end up in the same stores, selling the same clothing item.

Therefore, if you intend to jump on the fashion bandwagon, remember that it will be more than once that you share the same look with others or you simply end up wasting money. The only secure solution to avoid such a problem is to sidestep the trending fashion buggy.

  1. Trends are not budget-friendly

It is not once that you realize that trends can be expensive to maintain. On one hand, the attires cost a bomb. On the other hand, they keep swiftly slipping in and out of trend. Your wallet can have a heart attack since trends keep changing and call for a wardrobe update frequently. This is the exact reason why fashion slavery is costly.

So, keeping up with the fashion race either needs a supporting bank balance or a major plan to empty the central bank. The safer option, yet again, is keeping the mad dash of fashion trends at bay.

  1. Not good for your signature look

Not having a signature look is akin to having an identity crisis, whereby, you end up uncertain about what suits you best and what doesn’t. Nailing the perfect signature look can be challenging but once you carve one, which naturally suits, you are a free-spirited bird that doesn’t have to get carried away in the trending winds.

A signature style decides what suits you and what doesn’t by bringing into consideration your taste, preferences, and your figure. It is vital to never overlook what goes with your body; otherwise, you end up only a few steps away from a fashion faux pau.

  1. Not all trends can be comfortable

Remember the time when corsets were in the air during the 16th century Elizabethan Era? All and sundry had to wear those to conform to the trend. But can you really imagine the pain of wearing those tightly fitted bodices? Similarly, there are always fashion trends that make you uncomfortable or you feel uncomfortable wearing them.

While it is reasonable to dress to impress, fifty percent of the equation also focuses on your comfort and what you like. It also brings your signature look in its fold. Considering this angle of the matter, it really isn’t essential to follow all the style trends.

  1. See if it suits you

Fashion orbits around essential factors such as your body, personality, figure, size, and more. In order to look stylish, it is important to embrace your body by bringing into focus your strengths. So, before you go for something that is ‘in’ think thoroughly and see if it will suit you.

Everybody has different curves and a unique build. Hence, while the off-shoulder trend has everyone over the moon, you should really pause and see if your shoulder set allows you to experiment with such a trend. If you have pretty feet instead, you can always add an ankle, which is part and parcel of the jewelry trends prevailing this year.

All in all, fashion slavery can be costly, weird, and might even sacrifice your individuality and signature style. It is better to observe moderation in this case as with every other golden aspect of life.