The corona pandemic that has grappled the whole world is being cursed for obvious reasons. It has caused all the schools to close down, all the weddings to postpone and all the vacations to cancel. It has killed more than two lac people across the globe, and millions of people have lost their jobs. The pandemic is quite a serious one, and has led to unusual circumstances. Since the month of January this year, everyone is locked down in their houses, with no signs of coming out any time soon.

However, with less people on the roads, there is lesser pollution, which has made the climate turn out pleasant. Despite it being the month of May, the weather is really pleasant and not the usual hot. Nonetheless, this is not the only thing that has come out of the pandemic. There are a lot of Shocking thinks that happened due to the Corona Lock down that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Some of them include:

a) Reduction in the emission of Nitrous oxide:

Nitrous oxide is an element that is excreted by the factories when they are manufacturing some hard core products. They tend to burn down the coal and fossil fuel, and it leads to the emission of Nitrous oxide. This is one of the most harmful green house gasses. It gets accumulated in the space, leading to the UV rays getting trapped in it. Further, this enhances the global heat, leading to an accelerated global warming ratio. However, over the last few months, as all the major factories around the globe have closed down, the emission of Nitrous oxide is not much. According to the report published by European Space Agency’s satellite, the levels of this element have reduced to forty percent. This is most evident in Europe as well as Asia. Thus, we can say that controlling and curbing global warming is surely possible and in our own hands.

b) The ozone hole recovery:

A few years ago, the ozone layer that covers the planet Earth and keeps it protected from all the harmful rays coming from the sun was reported to have gotten damaged. It was reported that in the Northern hemisphere, the ozone depletion has caused a huge hole appearing on it. As a result, the harmful rays are able to get past it and affect the planet negatively. However, according to the latest news, this hole has now been covered. With the corona lock down, less pollution is caused by people, and it has led to lesser greenhouse gasses staying in the atmosphere for longer periods of time.

c) Endangered North Atlantic whales return:

The constant interruption of human being in nature’s activities affect natural phenomena negatively. Endangered species, however, have started to come back to their original habitat, considering that humans are no longer going out of their houses. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it is reported that eight pairs of Whales have returned. Initially, they were considered to be endangered owing to their disappearance. However, with the ‘normality’ coming back, they have also decided to return to their home.