The Mercedes-Benz Sheguang Hu haute couture show at China Fashion Week had a twist of craziness. The audience was hooked throughout the show. If you were surprised with all the head turning ensembles that Paris Fashion Week paraded, then brace yourself for more. Because considering what China Fashion Week had in store for people all other Fashion Weeks will seem doable and naïve.

At Sheguang Hu haute couture show spring/summer 2018 the catwalk turned into a ratwalk. No, don’t worry, no rats were harmed in the making of this fashion show. Albeit there was a model who was sporting an oversized rat head, over a yellow outfit. Literally a huge rat face with whiskers and an evil smile. Not only was the appearance shocking but also frightening.

The furry mask covered her entire face and a lot of air. The model was dressed in a bright yellow full-sleeve shirt with matching tight pants complete with a leather harness and black leather gloves. She even wore a tail. How she managed to make her way down the ramp with that thing on is a mystery that will probably never be fully uncovered.


If you think that sight was bizarre, there’s more. Models also waltzed down the ramp with stuffed bunnies, koalas, and bears stitched into their attires like no big deal. Another model had a scary birdlike mask on. There were lots of models with their faces painted eerily. And lots of kid models too. Each ensemble had a touch (or rather a handful) of strangeness.

The runway had everyone’s attention with mad hatters and costumes involving bunny ears. There was even a Chinese version of Queen Elizabeth. We wouldn’t be surprised if a literal cow walks the runway next time. Now we’re prepared for it all. Luckily these ensembles would just be reserved for the ramps and no huge rat head masks would make their way to closets. Unless Halloween.