The life of a girl with curly hair is totally different from the life of a girl who has straight hair. Where the girls with straight hair just need to wash their hair with the regular shampoo and comb them afterward, the curly-haired have a plethora of tasks to perform. They have to apply as many conditioners as they can, to make sure the hair doesn’t dry up and go frizzy.

After that, they have to comb the hair with conditioner applied to them, and eventually have to put an after-wash serum to keep the curls intact. Along with this, the products that the curly-haired girls have to opt for are always from a different range compared to those that are bought by the straight-haired girls

The special products the Curly Girls Method followers opt for are filled with moisture, which hydrates their hair and keeps it manageable. One of the most famous products among them is the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo. It is known as a lifesaver for all the women with curly and wavy hair. This shampoo is acclaimed all over the world by the curly-haired women, making it the hot favorite for them.

What makes it a product worth buying?

The shampoos by SheaMoisture are known for their chemical-free formulae. They are free from all kinds of sulfates and silicones. Thus, it manages to cleanse the scalp completely. The moisture added to the hair through this shampoo is amazing. Eventually, after a few washes, the user can feel the hair well hydrated and moisturized.

For the hair that is extremely dry and over-processed, this is the right choice to opt for.

The positive points:

Women with curly hair mostly opt for brands like dove and L’Oreal, as they provide a higher level of moisture compared to the other options available. These products are also quite normal in terms of the price range. Thus, they have been a good choice for curly-haired women for many years. On the other hand, this Shea moisture product is a bit expensive, but it surely cleanses the hair without building it up with any kind of chemicals and leftovers.

Along with this, this shampoo has an active ingredient called Shea moisture. This product, being the primary provider of moisture to the hair, improves the health of the hair. Though this shampoo doesn’t make any kind of foam, it still washes the hair off all the dirt accumulated in it. The consistency is also a bit runny, as it is not loaded with any kind of chemicals, with any kind of chemicals, whatsoever.

The negative points:

This product, no matter how good it is for the curly hair, is a bit on the expensive side. With the price tag of 9.99 dollars, it is not easy to afford for a lot of people. Apart from this, some women have complained about an issue of hair fall when they started using it initially.