Shawn Mendes, aka the most relatable celebrity out there, has revealed something which is, well, relatable. The Nervous singer took to Instagram to share a story in which he can be seen driving as well as recording the video. Not a good idea, don’t do that.

In this story which he has posted, Mendes has told his fans that he is very nervous about his upcoming performance at the Grammy’s. And does this just not make him seem more like us normal humans? Not the part that he is performing at the awards ceremony, God knows that doesn’t happen in the lives of us commoners but the part that he is nervous.

“I was thinking about, you know, being really nervous for the Grammys and then trying to think about, more and more, about what it is that makes me nervous when I’m performing,” said the 20-year-old. He also revealed the reason behind this nervousness that he’s feeling.

He said, “And — to be completely honest, true and vulnerable with you guys — I realize that I care so much about what people think: whether it is whoever is sitting in the audience, or what people are thinking online or what people are going to write about the thing after that.” This is not the first time Shawn Mendes has got real with his fans. Previously, he has opened up about his anxiety and how social media can feel really pressurizing.

Keeping it real, he’s also told fans that he feels the need to be seen with some girl at times and then he reminds himself that love cannot be forced or unreal like that. Is not he just a sweetheart? The heartthrob continued in the short clip he posted, “I sit there and I just think in my head ‘OK, what do I have to do right now to impress people?’ and I realize that’s the backwards thing and what I have to truly do is sit down and sing my song and truly connect with it.”

Stressing on loving what you do and not aiming to just impress people, the new adult had some wise words to offer to fans as well. He concluded by reminding people to love what they do first and work to just impress themselves rather than others.