June 28, 2022

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Shadow increases the power of its subscription, and even its price …

During its first major event, Shadow outlined its strategy for the future of its cloud computing service. The company wants to become essential for cameramen, creators and professionals. Also it includes the arrival of a new subscription, which is more powerful, but more expensive.

Enriched with Shadow’s cloud computing player // Source: Shadow

During the shadow spotlightIn its first key note, organized on Wednesday, the company unveiled the energy option of upgrading the French company‚Äôs offerings. After drastically revising its plans last year. “Excellent in our cloud computing technology“, Explains the managing director of Shadow Eric Sale, who later took the lead Acquired in the spring of 2021 by the investment fund of Octave Cluba, the founder of OVHCloud.

Last year, the pricing policy was revised upwards and simplified so as not to scatter too much but to minimize losses while responding to requests. For this, new subscriptions have been opened and now, anyone who wants to subscribe to Shadow can do so and connect to a high-end computer in the cloud in 1 hour. The advent of the Power Option makes it possible to expand the offer a little more.

Players in scenes

We are not idle in the shade. To enjoy virtual reality on the cloud, dual screen and remote screen compatibility, color enhancement, and early access to Shadow VR have been introduced recently. Apps will get a redesigned interface with the new logo design.

Shadow launcher gets a facelift with a new logo // Source: Shadow

All of this follows a new, clearer path: Shadow now wants to reconsider offering itself a service that has the potential to adjust its performance to suit the PC at its heart and its needs. To this end, Power Option will upgrade the current offer to. 29.99 per month.

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The energy option includes the following:

  • AMD EPYC 7543P processor with 4 cores and 8 threads
  • A GPU depending on the local data center:
    • Nvidia RTX A4500 or Nvidia GeForce RTX3070 Class Graphics Cards
    • Equivalent graphics cards from NVIDIA designed for professionals
    • AMD RDNA 2-based graphics cards, including the AMD Radeon Pro V620, designed for cloud computing and gaming
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1GB / V connection (similar to the basic offer)


With this offer, Shadow is no secret in targeting gamers, offering a more powerful configuration at the GPU level. For software that still needs some software to run on servers, RAM can be felt. “We want to become essential again in cloud gaming. This is why most users come to see us“According to Eric Cele, his ancestors sought to destroy the” gaming “image of the shadow in order to encourage a more global and less diversified” cloud computing “.”We want to do everything and provide a solution for everyone, from the creators to the professionals, including the player.“When we underestimate the change in vocabulary and paradigm, he retaliates against the owner of the place.

An option to raise the bill

However, it still takes a little checkout. Power Option is reported to be. 14.99 per month, bringing the subscription to around 45 45 per month. “It’s actually a little expensive, but it’s hard to find graphics cards, parts issues and server management.“, We underscore in the shadows, at an additional 15 euros, the costs will be much lower and the margin will be lower.

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For now, Shadow wants to go to market with its new option. “We continue to live up to our promise of always having up-to-date and high-performance equipment,” says Shadow’s CEO. “The old is in a corner of our head to do something else in the future. Why not have the less ambitious and cheaper shade offer to serve those who want a little solution for simple office automation? This is not to be avoided, we are told …

Pre-orders for the Power option will begin this summer in order to be available in the fall. You can register to trust to participate in advance access. Current Shadow subscribers will explicitly take precedence, but after that, any new user will be able to register and subscribe to the Power option.

The storage provided does not change compared to the basic offer (256GB and additional adjustable). Increasing the 500GB space would have been enjoyable if it had been more than 15 euros per month and the goal of the creators and professionals and gamers was to be able to download without reaching two big games. Concentration. But for that, Shadow has a solution fresh out of its pocket, Shadow DriveIt offers 20 GB of free storage up to 2 TB in the premium version.

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